Change Yourself For A Woman

Change Yourself For A Woman

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A lot of men don’t take into account how difficult it is to get a woman when you don’t have the right skills, and they also almost never ask themselves, “How do you change yourself for a woman?” Well, it’s actually very simple to figure out, and it’s something you have to do on a daily basis.

The four main things you need to concern yourself with when trying to change yourself for a woman is your confidence, your style, your mannerisms, and your cleanliness. Improving these four aspects of yourself can improve your life and relationships drastically because no woman can resist these qualities.


Confidence is the number one problem in today’s society, but it’s the easiest aspect of yourself to work on when changing yourself for a woman. Confidence is your willingness to go through with something unwaveringly. Many computer geeks often ask themselves why in the world a beautiful woman would date a penniless nerd, but confidence is the key to any relationship. So how do you change it?

Confidence can be changed through meditation, because meditation requires you to put your problems into a different perspective. A man who normally thinks about bills day and night can meditate and come out with no worry in the world.


Style is how you dress and how you talk. It’s very important, as style is usually a giveaway to how much you get paid and how much you’re willing to do for a relationship. It’s important to keep style in mind as you will need to match the style of the woman you want. So how do you change it?

Go to men who are similar to the girl you want and simply ask to be their friend. When they ask you why, tell them exactly why and, most times, they’ll let you. Men of a higher caliber understand these rules. That’s how they got there.


Mannerism is crucial when dealing with women, and it’s the hardest part of yourself to change when you’re changing yourself for a woman. Mannerism is your food etiquette, your gentlemanly features, and your kindness over quickness. Mannerism will tell women what you’ll be like in marriage. It’s normally the decision-maker between boyfriend and toy. So, how do you change it?

In order to change this one you will need the help of the elderly. Go to a nursing home if you don’t have grandparents or someone over the age of forty in your family. Ask an old woman if she wouldn’t mind teaching you how to behave properly. This one is difficult because not every old lady will do it and it involves you being able to suck in your pride.


Cleanliness tells a woman exactly how much she’ll be taking care of you later in a relationship. The more of a mess you are, the more of a hassle it will be for her to maintain the relationship. While not the hardest, it is still pretty hard to change your hygiene habits for a woman. Our level of cleanliness depends on how we were raised. If it’s been ingrained since our childhood, how do we fix a quality that deeply imbedded?

The quickest way to change your level of cleanliness is to roommate with a person who is anal retentive about being clean. Tell them exactly why you’re asking them and, most times, they’ll say yes because they like the idea of being roommates with someone they taught to be as clean as them. The difficult part is dealing with their explosive episodes while you’re trying to form the right habits.


Changing yourself for a woman is not easy. While you may have qualities that are very attractive, there are always ways to improve. Most of the time it involves the help of another person because that’s the fast way to learn. Forced out of our comfort zone, we quickly learn to adapt. So go out and change yourself for the woman you love!