Cheap And Creative Date Ideas

Cheap And Creative Date Ideas

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How good would it be to feel like a king without spending a huge amount of cash? This is not only possible, but extremely probable when you follow these basic tips for date night ideas.

Creative, cheap date ideas are the best, regardless of whether you’re operating on a tight budget or whether you’ve got extra money to throw around. Cheap first date ideas will often provide better results than their more expensive counterparts!

Why? Because they take into account a part of female psychology that most men just aren’t aware of! Wouldn’t it feel good to be able to take her on a date that costs no money and ramp up her attraction to you so that she blows off those rich jerks who are taking her out to expensive dinners?

The reason expensive dates DON’T work…

The reason expensive dinners or dates that involve taking her to fancy places don’t work is because they put too much pressure on her. They give her a sensation that you’re trying to buy her, and this creates the completely wrong vibe.

If you spend a hundred dollars taking her out to a fancy restaurant and at the end of the night get a kiss, what this essentially does is value her physical affection in the means of a kiss at a hundred dollars. This is crazy. What’s it going to cost you to get sex off her?

Instead, you actually want to flip the script on her. You want to make her work for sex. By forcing a girl to work for your affection, you’re doing something that no other guy does, you’re challenging her, and this will send her wild. This is what cheap and fun date ideas can do!

Cheap dates without looking like a scrooge…

Do be aware of this, though – you don’t want to come off as broke. You don’t need to look like a complete scrooge just to have a cheap date. There’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. The line is extremely fine, but when you get it wrong, it will be your first and only cheap date. Get it right and a world of possibility opens up.

You still need to frame the date as doing something fun and exciting. I like to build a little bit of intrigue before the date. I might say something like, “Dress up sexy, but make sure it’s something comfortable.” This will get her asking questions as to what you’re going to be doing.

Number one: Go hiking…

Option one is to take her hiking. Exploring the outdoor environment, getting her connected to nature, whilst at the same time doing something physical, like exercising, puts her in an incredibly sexual state.

See, the thing you have to understand with girls is that they’re constantly in a sexual state. However, they usually have certain tensions that are created through judgments from society – that creates tension in her body and prevents this natural sexual state from shining through.

When you get her relaxed and connected to nature, these natural urges start to come out. Add to that she’s doing something physical in the way of exercise, and maybe even getting up a light sweat, she’s going to be ready to jump your bones.

Number two: Cook a dinner together…

A cool cheap date ideas is to cook a dinner together. You can either go to the supermarket and do the shopping together, or maybe you can get a few ingredients and get her to grab some and bring them over. Perhaps you do the food and she does the wine. Then when she comes over you cook a meal together and eat it together.

There are a number of reasons why this is incredibly powerful. A few are:

  • It encourages her to invest in the date. Firstly, she has to financially spend money on picking up a bottle of wine, secondly, she has to go out of her way to do it, and thirdly, she’s investing by making the food with you.
  • The second is you’re creating something together. Too much dating advice focuses on an adversarial fight. Essentially, you’re trying to break down a girl’s defenses or beat her. The truth is that the best dating advise focuses on ‘One team – one dream’, both partners working together on a path of mutual seduction. When you cook a meal together, you achieve it.
  • The third and most powerful reason that this date is a winner is because you’re already at your final logistic destination. You can eat dinner on the couch, sit down and watch some TV, ramp things up sexually, and then you only have to walk to the bedroom where things can get a little bit heavier.

Number three: Be a tourist…

If you’re anything like me, you take your hometown for granted. When I go on a holiday, I become a complete tourist. I’m fascinated by the destination. I go out and see all the main attractions. Yet, when I’m living in a city, I just don’t do this.

How many great local attractions do you have in your city? Playing tourist for the day can be really powerful. Firstly, there’s a state that we automatically go into when we’re a tourist on a holiday, and even if you’re on holiday in your own city, you can recreate this state within her. These good feelings are anchored in the idea of being a tourist. Even if she wanted to fight these good feelings, she wouldn’t be able to.

The second reason this is such a powerful date is it allows you to do a variety of different things in a short period of time. The more things that you can do in the shortest period of time, the more individual memories she’ll have of her time with you.

Have you experienced this yourself – where you’ve spent a short period of time with someone, but done a lot of activities, you’ve crammed so much in that by the end of the day you feel like you’ve known the person forever? It’s like you develop a deep comfort and trust with that person that belies the amount of time that you’ve spent with them.

You can turn this trick into a potent, sex-getting strategy. Good luck!