Cheap Date Ideas

Cheap Date Ideas

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You don’t need a flashy restaurant or fine wine to impress a girl. In fact, some of the best dates are very simple and require little to no money at all.

Often, expensive dates are unoriginal and require you to sit down and just chat, whereas cheap dates give you plenty of opportunities to be creative, stand out from the crowd, and do something fun and active, which can involve more touch and more chance to really ramp up her attraction levels.

1. Have a Picnic

Get a picnic blanket, buy a bottle of wine, and maybe just a couple of loaves of bread, and enjoy some great date time on a picnic. Picnics in the outdoors really set up a great romantic backdrop to your date.

2. Cook Her Dinner

Rather than go out and buy an expensive meal, impress her with your cooking skills and invite her over for a meal that you’ve cooked. You can even find out what her favorite type of food is and attempt to cook it yourself. This will not only show that you’re a skillful chef but will impress her with the fact that you’ve created a dish that she’ll enjoy.

3. Take Her To a Ballgame

Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she won’t get into sports and won’t want to share some fun with you. Grab a ball and a bat, or a football, and take her to the park and have some fun.

4. Go to The Beach

Walk along the beach. This requires actually no money at all, and the beach is a great romantic backdrop. You can throw her in the water; you can play in the sand and enjoy the sounds of the water hitting the shore. It creates a beautiful, romantic backdrop to your date. You may even be able to attract her with sexual tension while lying on the beach together.

5. Go To a Scenic Point in Your City and Enjoy The View

Girls love romance, and there’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful backdrop, so going to a scenic location provides you with some great quality time and some private moments together, as well as a beautiful backdrop that will set the romantic scene for both of you.

6. Go to a TV Show Screening

TV show screenings are completely free, and you may have to subscribe online beforehand, but it’s a great way for getting entertained for absolutely nothing.

7. Go Shopping

Shopping is not something all guys enjoy, but she’ll definitely enjoy it, and you’ll have a great time just being around her, having some fun. Shopping also gives you great things to talk about, and it also allows you to have a bit of fun together. You, perhaps, even might be able to buy some clothes or get some ideas from her, a female opinion.

If you are looking for an expensive way to impress a girl, choose one of these cheap date ideas and create an intimate, flirty atmosphere.