Chu Mei Feng Sex Tape

Why was the Chu Mei Feng sex tape so controversial?

Well you can learn how by reading below…

Chu Mei Feng Sex Tape

The Chu Mei Feng Sex Tape made me realize how much women love to experience pleasure (especially sex...)

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Chu Mei Feng was a city council woman and former TV journalist.

Her sex tape was controversial not just because she was a high profile bureaucrat, but also because it involved her affair with a married man. The controversy (and the drama it led to) was like an earthquake and a tsunami rolled into one.

Unsurprisingly, the Chinese government reacted strongly by trying to pull all of the magazines which mentioned the Chu Mei Feng sex tape. However, the story (and the tape) could still be found on the internet.  In 2002, her name was one of the most searched terms in the entire world. In fact, Taiwanese lingerie manufacturers reported a massive sales surge (especially the white G-string panties which Chu wore in the sex tape). Unfortunately, none of this would help Chu who was ultimately forced out of her government job.

So what does all of this have to do with you and your sex life?

You might think that a celebrity sex tape has very little relevance for you, but it could actually influence whether you get laid tonight – or whether you will even see another woman naked again!

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You see, people can be influenced by celebrity culture.  Celebrities set trends for fashion, style, and behavior. If women see someone who they admire, like a celebrity who expresses her sexuality through a sex video, then they may consider doing the same. Sex videos are often about expressing sexual liberty. If a celebrity can do it, then it becomes more acceptable for other women to do it as well.

Do you own your sexuality?

In many ways, these types of videos give women power over their own sexuality.  When they watch these videos, they may be more inclined to express their own sexuality, push the limits of their sexual comfort zones, and even be encouraged to have more casual sex.  However, you obviously shouldn’t assume that every woman who you meet will be inspired by these videos.

The Chu Mei Feng sex tape had a significant impact on Asian women. In Asian cultures, overt sexuality is not as acceptable as it is in Western societies and what Chu Mei Feng did went way beyond these norms. It is not surprising that many woman may have taken a cue from her by expressing their own sexuality (as the increase in lingerie sales suggests).

Sexual liberty means more sex for you…

Women are more sexual than you might think. Many women are ready and willing to express their sexuality.  They want to get down and dirty.  Not all of them are looking for long term relationships; some of them want casual encounters.   The internet gives women many opportunities to express themselves in ways which they have never been able to before. YouTube is a great example of this.

The more sexually liberated women become, the more confident you should be about approaching them, hitting on them, dating them, and enjoying fantastic sex with them. So female sexual liberation has a huge influence on your sex life. The old saying “you’ve come a long way baby” has never been more relevant! Men may be looking, but more and more women want to be looked at.

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