Closing The Deal With Women

Closing The Deal With Women

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Tired of missing opportunities to “close the deal”? Get ready, because while you don’t know what you’ve done wrong yet, you’ll never make the same mistake again…

Closing the deal with women when finding a date can seem difficult. There are a lot of guys, including myself, that hate it when they have to actually close the deal. You know that moment, when you know in your head that you really want to kiss this girl, or you really want to take her home, but you just don’t know how to go about it.

You spend countless minutes in your head devising ways that you can go in and kiss her or whether she’s ready, how it’s going to look, is she going to reject you. Most of the time, while all this chatter is going on in your head, you end up losing the opportunity and failing to really take the plunge and close the deal with her. This is not how to get women!

My first tip: Trust your gut and close a date!

First of all, closing the deal, I find, has a lot to do with trusting your gut. Unless you are completely delusional, I’d say, on average, your gut feeling is right more than 80% of the time – not only when closing the deal with women, but also in everything you do in life. The older you get, the more you’ll realize this.

Basically, if your gut is 80% right, that leaves a 20% margin for error. I’d say that the chance is definitely worth taking, and you know when talking to a girl if you were getting a vibe or not. If you feel a vibe, then chances are she does, too. Really act on it quickly!

Tip two: Don’t second guess!

Get a date and believe in yourself! Don’t give yourself time to second-guess it, because second-guessing comes from thought, and remember, thought is the cheapest commodity on earth. Intuition is priceless, and you need to go with it. With that being said, if you don’t feel it, abandon and don’t push the issue. Don’t waste another second with a dead-end lead.

He who hesitates is lost, so take action quickly. One of the biggest mistakes you can really ever make is letting a good chance slip away because you hesitated or wanted more proof that your gut feeling was right. If you start looking for proof, you’ll start finding the opposite.

The minute you feel your gut saying it’s time, then you know it is time, and that it’s not tomorrow or next week, not after you get a haircut, a new job, or you’re feeling more in the mood, the chance is now, and you need to take it. Procrastination comes from fear of failure.

Tip three: It’s OK to be rejected

Remember, it’s okay to get rejected. It’s alright to fail. It’s okay for a girl to push you away. In fact, really, if you want to achieve a lot of success with women, you’re going to have to get rejected a couple of times! You’re going to get pushed away. You’re probably going to even get slapped occasionally, and you know what? That’s a good sign, because it means you’re pushing the deal. It means you’re really pushing the envelope, and if you keep doing that, you’re going to see amazing results, and you’re going to get more action than 90% of the guys out there.

Tip four: Get physical earlier on

There’s nothing worse than being in a really pleasant conversation with a girl, and everything is going really well, and then the moment comes that she’s going to go, and you’ve just realized that you haven’t built up any sexual or physical intent in your whole interaction.

Make it a habit to always get sexual and physical with a girl from the get-go. Start off with some light touching. Be flirtatious. Allude to the fact that you really like her, or she’s very attractive to you. Show your intent for her.

Be physical, and it’s going to be so much easier for you to then take action and seal the deal with a kiss. Too often, guys don’t display their interest to a girl, and totally end up in the friend zone. You want to avoid the friend zone like the plague, and get physical ASAP!

Tip five: Don’t act hungry

Those guys that look needy, desperate, and really hungry never get fed. While you don’t want to lose her to competition, you don’t want to appear desperate, even if you really are.

Once you realize that nothing is going to happen tonight, let it go. Don’t beg for it. If she has to leave, let her leave, but don’t try to talk her into staying. Logic doesn’t work. It will kill any chance that you have with her next time. Always leave with the upper hand.

Finally, remember there’s no perfect moment

This is not a Hollywood movie. It’s real life. There’s never going to be that little opportunity where you’re both standing out in the rain and you kiss her and the romantic music comes on.

This is life. Sometimes you need to kiss her in a dirty nightclub. Sometimes it can get a little uncomfortable. Sometimes there are obstacles along the way. Just deal with it and keep pushing through it. You’re a man. Be decisive, take action, trust your gut, and close the deal with women.