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Compliments for women

Compliment her for pleasure

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You see, a lot of guys, when they think about giving compliments to women, a lot of their focus are on what’s going to work. They base their entire strategy around giving compliments to get her to like him. This is called focusing on the results.  And a lot of guys tend to take this results-focus too far.  It’s good to have a certain amounts of focus on the results, when you meet girls. You don’t always want to be stuck in the friend zone; you want to move towards getting girlfriends and having sex. But there is a problem when you take this results-focus too far and the problem with that is you stop enjoying the conversation.  You get so focused on the end point that you stop enjoying the journey.

What I want to encourage you to do, if you’re out there meeting girls, you’re going on dates, you’re approaching them, and you’re talking to them, to enjoy the journey a hell of a lot more than you are now. Even if you meet a girl and it doesn’t progress all the way to sex, I want you to still aim to really enjoy that. You want to have got as much pleasure imaginable from that whole process.

For me, complimenting women is based very strongly around this principle.

A lot of guys really miss this point. They get so flustered, trying to pick up a girl, struggle and don’t know how to get her in bed, trying to get her to be their girlfriend that they don’t realize the whole purpose of meeting women is to make your life more fun and enjoyable. So, what’s really important when giving compliments for women is that you don’t care about the response or whether they work for you. Ironically this is when they are their most powerful, when you don’t want anything in return from them. A lot of guys see compliments as some sort of technique to get girls to like them and this is the wrong way to see them.

Compliments aren’t a way of getting a girl to want to have sex with you.

They don’t realize that compliments are about saying how you feel, when you meet a girl. When she makes you feel something, you become a guy who just says it. I’ve found that being good with girls is a lot about being honest and being willing to say how you feel.  A lot of anxiety about meeting women is truly based around not being honest about what you’re thinking or feeling at a particular time. A lot of guys say they don’t know what to say to women. They say they don’t know what compliments for women are the best. But any time you’re thinking and feeling something, so why not just say that, because that’s an element of true honesty.  If you want to get girls to be attracted to you… honesty is where it’s at. If you like something about a woman, say it without any care about getting a result from it; that’s the foundation for compliments for women.

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