Convince a Girl to Sleep with You: Three Misconceptions and How to Change Them

Convincing a girl to sleep with you isn’t as hard as you think – and believe it or not, many of the things you’ve heard about beautiful girls are myths. Take a look at this article, and your luck with women will soon change dramatically.

Convince a girl to sleep with you

Girls aren't always looking for Mr. Perfect

Change the way you look at dating

So: what’s the number one thing that guys are doing wrong with women? They simply don’t look at dating in the right way. They are thinking about it in a way that disempowers them and makes it almost impossible to get a girl to want you.

I want to talk about something called a paradigm. This is not just some pompous, self-help term. This is really the key to get a girl to want you and how to get girls in your bed. A paradigm is how you think about something. It includes your perceptions, your beliefs and what you really think is reality.

The next thing to understand about paradigm is what is called the paradigm shift. A paradigm shift can sometimes be difficult to achieve, but usually it is an upgrade of thinking that empowers you and opens you up to more opportunities. What a paradigm shift does for you with women is give you a greater sense of confidence, superior awareness and access to more opportunities.

I just want to explain what the normal paradigms among guys who don’t get results with women.  These are the three most common disempowering paradigms I see all the time.

Myth one: Women hold most of the power in dating

A lot of guys believe that women are the ones that are in control when it comes to dating and guys need to work hard to get a girl to like him. This paradigm of women holding the most power in sexual relationships is extremely bad for your chances of having an abundant sex life.

Myth two: Attractive women must want to date some type of Mr. Perfect type of guy

Usually, a lot of guys' paradigms are that attractive women have some impossible standard that is really difficult to achieve. A lot of guys hence don’t feel good enough.

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Myth three: Picking up women depends on your game

A lot of guys work really hard on they call their “game mentality,” thinking that’s the best way to convince a girl to sleep with you. They work hard on their opening lines on approaching women, on trying to pick them up and they do not work enough on themselves. They think success with women is purely dependent on the quality of their game, and not on the substance behind it.

So what can you do to change? What I want to do now is give you three paradigms that are better for you than those three. If you can remember these three things and start thinking like this, you are going to open your doorways to a much more abundant and plentiful sex life.

Be welcoming, warm and friendly

The biggest inhibitors for guys getting results with women are social anxiety, being visibly nervous and inhibition. I remember once when I had a huge epiphany that quickly made me understand what the difference was between a guy who can’t pick up women and a guy who always picks up women. This is when I realized how to attract a girl. It occurred to me that being socially warm and outgoing was the way to do it. I needed to warm up, get completely outside of my head and be able express myself in a completely uninhibited way.

Women CAN have as much as trouble getting laid as men

Women often put up a better shield and a face that sometimes can make men feel intimidated, but the reality of the situation is that a lot of women struggle in the same area as you. Women often meet the wrong man, remain sexually frustrated, and they do not have any positive experiences with dating at all.

Even many of the most attractive women do not enjoy dating because of these problems, and what they really need is a warm, chatty guy who is going to be there for them. So when you’re out, remember that women are in the same boat as you and take down your defense mechanism – go out, don’t give a fuck and be confident.

It’s all about you

I really believe that the type of person I am, the sort of lifestyle I have and the more I work on myself, the more success I am going to have with women, as opposed to spending so much time perfecting a type of presentation or facade. You, ultimately, need to be yourself.

I have seen guys dedicate years of their lives to try perfecting pick up techniques while ignoring the most important part of the deal – themselves. I tend to spend 80% of my time on me and making myself more of an interesting and healthy guy, and only 20% of the time trying to work on my game. Stick to this rule and your success will soon change. By seeing women in a realistic light, instead of falling for the misconceptions that they are dominant and have high standards, you will be able to change the way you meet new love interests forever.

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