Creating Attraction In Women

Creating Attraction In Women

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Remember: Attraction is an art, not a science.

Creating attraction in women relies on you knowing that there’s a huge difference between these two. Sure, it doesn’t hurt if you’re a good-looking, tall, strong guy. I’m neither of these three, and I attract women like crazy! I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging, but it’s the truth.

Know the secrets…

It’s because I unlocked the attraction code. I understand the way women think. I understand their deep desires. I understand exactly what I have to say and do to get her to pay attention to me and beg me for more.

Am I different from you? Am I special in some way? No! It hasn’t always been this way for me. My love life was so desperate that I actually married the first girl that showed any interest in me – what a loser, right? Well, obviously, that relationship didn’t work out. Ultimately, this was a great move for me because it led me to understand that I deserved more, and so do you.

I’m going to share with you some keys that will help you with getting a woman and a date, and teach you how to attract girls.

Change your thinking…

You need to flip a wire in your head. It’s not about trying to be attractive, but rather being attractive. Finding a girl is not about a mask you put on, it’s not a mode you switch into. You shouldn’t jump into a phone booth and suddenly come out wearing your pick-up cape.

Meeting women, seducing women, and getting women addicted to you should just be a bigger part of your personality. When you make this internal shift, it will instantly impact what’s happening to you externally. This single shift should jump your results by at least thirty percent.

See yourself as a sex god…

When you know that you’ve got the goods to please women, you walk around the streets differently. You no longer are afraid to make eye contact with girls. It’s like you can see directly through their defenses, all the way to her – well, you know what.

Would you like to feel like a complete pussy magnet? This starts by knowing that you hold the magnet and it actually sits deep between your legs. Women are sexual creatures, they have insatiable sexual appetites, they think about sex more than you.

This is not just me saying it, this is scientifically proven. A study by Harvard University, which mapped the thoughts of men and women throughout the day, came to the conclusion that women think about sex a hundred and seventy percent more than men.

Suggested reading…

Take a look at the book My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. This was a book that collated a bunch of letters that women sent in to Nancy highlighting their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. If you can read that entire book without blushing at least once, you’re a bigger man than me!

Approach more women and you’ll get laid more…

Michael Jordan expands this in saying, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This could never be truer than in the world of dating and attracting women. If you just make a commitment to approach five new women a day, every day, for the next twelve months, this one step alone will see you getting laid like a rock star.

But, the problem is that it takes a certain kind of guy to make this commitment. We can’t just think it would be nice to be able to effortlessly attract women, it has to be a burning desire deep within your belly and deep within your loins to make this happen.