Creative Thinking And How It’ll Help YOU Get Girls

Creative Thinking And How It’ll Help YOU Get Girls

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Knowing how to implement creative thinking will permeate through everything you do. When you can be innovative and show initiative, you can overcome any problem with women.

Meeting women is ultimately about solving problems. You’re going to face challenges every time you approach a girl that will require you to think on your feet and make decisions on the spot. But, how does creative thinking work? How can I get better at it, and more importantly, can I train my brain so that it naturally comes up with solutions when problems arise?

Introduction to lateral thinking…

The godfather of the concept ‘lateral thinking’ is Edward de Bono. He coined the phrase that has now become a regular part of modern day consciousness. It is used in all sorts of arenas now.

Originally, de Bono identified that most people think in a linear way. Once they get stuck on a train of thought they continue on that train of thought and then get stuck on that particular train of thought. When you think in a linear way you miss a lot of opportunities in life.

Lateral thinking means you’ll be thinking in one particular path, but somewhere inside your brain a synopsis will jump that thought and get you to look at something in a slightly different way. Herein lies one of the clues to becoming better at creative thinking.

Trick one: Zoom in, zoom out…

One of the first things you want to do is consider zooming in on a problem. So, if you take the example of wanting to approach women, when you zoom in on the problem you break down all the individual component steps that you would need to take to get good at approaching.

This can be great because it can highlight the first step in the process. So, when you approach a woman, first you have to find her. Second, you have to get your feet moving in a particular direction. Third, you need to get her attention, and fourth, you need to open her.

By zooming in, you can essentially identify the step-by-step stages you need to take. After you zoom in, you then want to zoom out. What is this challenge a bigger part of?

Once again, using this exact way of approaching women, you’ll see that the cause of approach anxiety is likely due to a lack of self-value and self-appreciation. When you recognize this for what it really is, you can start to target the problem head on and work on building more self-esteem.

So, now it’s your turn. Pick a particular area of the dating experience that you’re struggling with and try zooming in and breaking it down into its component parts. Then, zoom out and work out what it’s a bigger part of.

Trick number two: What’s this the same as?

This is a powerful technique for getting your brain to think in different ways. You can do this with a completely random object or you can pick a model in some other area of life that’s incredibly successful, then work out how is that model the same as what I’m trying to replicate?

I did this when I looked at Internet marketing. I took the successful components of Internet marketing and incorporated it into a system that helped me increase the number of women I was sleeping with by 200%. Internet marketing is all about traffic and conversion. How much traffic can you get to your site, then how frequently can you convert that traffic into a buying customer?

When we shift this model to the world of meeting women, it basically means how many women can you approach and meet in a week and how many of those women can you convert into dates and ultimately sex.

If you want to increase the end total number of dates you’re going on, you can learn to target the traffic by seeing more women and meeting more women, or you can target the conversion. Becoming more attractive, knowing exactly what to say to her, understanding the way she thinks is important. What you’ll find is by doing this – by attacking both of these areas – is your results will multiply and magnify.

Now it’s your turn…

So, now it’s your turn to take this principle and apply it to some aspect of your dating life. Pick a success model, whether it’s in business, sports, or entertainment, then identify the winning strategies of that particular product, event, or show. Is there a way that you can apply those successful concepts to your own dating life?

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

This is particularly true in the dating world. I’ve coached guys that have more knowledge than me on the topic of dating. They’ve literally read every piece of information that exists on the topic. However, they still don’t have the ability to approach a girl that they want to start seeing.

By developing your imagination and looking for solutions in new and creative ways, then applying them, you’ll be able to revolutionize your approach to dating. Now you know the definition of creative thinking and how to implement it, you should have much more success!