Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To The Dance

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To The Dance

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If you’ve got your eye on the prettiest girl in school, the odds are at least a dozen other boys do, too. In this article, I’ll show you how to stand out when popping the question.

So: it’s your high school dance, the most important social event of the year. You’re excited, you can’t wait – but, there’s something that’s nagging in the back of your mind. As you get closer to the date of the dance anxiety starts to build. You try to slow your brain down, but you can’t stop it. This is why you need my creative ways to ask a girl to the dance!

The different ways to ask girls to prom…

You need to ask a girl out and you need to do it right. You might only get one chance, so you need to do it right. Listen up and you’ll be absolutely fine.

You may be brain-storming different ways that you can creatively ask the girl that you’d really love to go with, so that she’ll be instantly won over and have to say yes. You may play scenarios out in your head and it all makes sense.

Let me stop you. This is a bad focus to have. The minute you try to think of creative ways to ask a girl out to the dance is the minute that you start to set yourself up for failure.

Take it from a guy who’s approached over 15,000 women in the last 10 years alone – being clever doesn’t work. Trying to show her how ‘cool’ you are will actually backfire on you. Do you think a really attractive guy has to come up with clever and intelligent ways to ask a girl out? No chance. So, how do you do it? What’s a foolproof plan to asking a girl out that will guarantee success and make you the super-star of the local school dance? Read on and I’ll show you how asking a girl to prom is easy!

Step one: Focus on attraction first…

Hopefully, you’re reading this article in time. I’ve identified three laws of being attractive.

Every guy that’s successful with women exhibits these three qualities. There are no exceptions to this rule. Even if you can implement three or four of them before the school dance arrives, you’ll increase your chances of being the star of the dance by at least 200%.

You have strict rules that you do and do not accept from others. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but, if you want to impress a girl, surely you shouldn’t have strict standards, surely you should agree with her and let her know that you’re a guy who supports her. Ultimately, this doesn’t work. It actually works the opposite way.

When you don’t have standards, you set yourself up in her mind as a walk-over. You give off a needy, desperate vibe. But, most importantly, you don’t challenge her. One of the greatest gifts we can give to a woman is the gift of pleasing us. She wants to know what your standards are because she wants to reach them. She wants to qualify to meet your high standard. After all, only an attractive guy would have such high standards.

Start by writing a list of what you expect, not just from women, but from other people in your life, and make sure that when people act out of alignment with these values that you’ve set for yourself, you punish them by taking your attention away from them. On the other hand, when they act in alignment with these values, you can reward them with your attention.

Step two: You’re unattached to outcomes…

This is another counter-intuitive tip, but to actually ask a girl out and have success, you need to let yourself go and be unattached to the outcome. If she can’t go to the dance with you for some particular reason, it doesn’t affect your state. Why would it?

You’ve got so many positive things going on in your life and there are always plenty more fish in the sea. The interesting thing about this is, if you can fully inject this lack of attachment into your personality, the chances that she’ll say yes significantly increase.

Have you ever noticed in your own life when you don’t long for something, when you let go and give yourself permission to take whatever comes your way, usually a good result will come of it? The same is true with asking women out.

Step three: You’re comfortable in a position of leadership…

A huge part of being a great leader is making statements rather than asking questions. You don’t ask people for permission, you give guidance and people follow you. This is an incredibly attractive quality that is based heavily on evolutionary science, and a woman’s need to be involved with a dominant alpha male.

When you ask a girl out to the dance, you’re not actually asking her out – you’re inviting her. You’re making the suggestion to her that you two should go to the dance. The way you do this is tell her directly, “I’d like to go to the dance with you, I think we’d have a lot of fun. I think we’d make the rest of the school jealous. I’d be interested in what you think.”

If you really pay attention to this sentence structure, you’ll notice that even the final thing you say to her is actually a statement disguised as a question. This is a far more powerful approach than stumbling up to her and saying, “Hey, I was just wondering, ah, if you’re kind of going, or if you have a date, ah, but if you do, that’s okay, but, if no-one’s already asked you to the dance, and you think that I’d be fun to go with um, would you like to maybe go with me?” That will get you killed.

With these three steps, you’ll never wonder about ways to ask a girl to homecoming again!