Creativity: How A Little Thought Makes A Big Difference In Your Love...

Creativity: How A Little Thought Makes A Big Difference In Your Love Life

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Creativity is a part of who we are. It’s necessary in all parts of life, meaning creative dating is also necessary – and it makes you stand out from the rest. If you want to be more creative, there are a few ideas that can start to work your creative muscle.

Idea one: Spill your thoughts onto paper!

Every morning when you wake up, spend about 15 to 30 minutes just spilling out whatever comes to you. It doesn’t have to be structured. It doesn’t even have to make a lot of sense. Just spill whatever you feel inside of you come out, and let it flow out without restriction. This is the first step towards creative dating and fun dates, or other general creative ideas in dating.

Idea two: Always carry a notebook with you

Whenever a good idea comes to you, or something really grabs you creatively, you can note it down and keep it, and then expand on it later on. These days, you could even just use your phone!

Idea three: Surround yourself with inspiration

I know, myself, the periods where I’m at my most creative is when I travel, and especially when I travel to really historical places like Europe and I’m filled with beautiful architecture and art and whatnot. This helps me come up with ideas for dating and creative ideas for dates.

Now, just going to a trip to Europe to get creative isn’t always an option for a lot of us, so try to think of ways that you can surround your own environment with things to inspire you. It might be the art on your wall, it might be the furniture that you have, it might be the books in your bookcase. Whatever it is, find some ways to inspire you so you can start to allow that creative side of you come out.

Idea four: Take up an instrument

Take up an instrument and use it in a way that you can express yourself. I would probably recommend something like a guitar or piano, a flute, whatever it is, but just allow yourself to learn the basics of that instrument. Don’t get tied up in the whole structure of reading music. Learn to come up with your own tunes and improvise your own style of music, and that starts to harvest the part of your brain that flows out with creativity.

Idea five: Dance and allow yourself to be free

Rather than get hung up with what people think of you and how you look in front of everyone else, allow yourself to just go out and dance and be free and forget about life.

I know a friend of mine that partakes in healing dance classes, where people just go out and they just dance, express themselves, and close themselves off to the world. That really gets in touch with the spiritual side of things and helps to access and harness that part of them that flows out with creativity.

The last thing to remember is creativity is like a muscle. The more you practice, the better the creative ideas you are going to get. It needs to be flexed every now and then, so try to flex it as much as possible and you’ll start to see, gradually, you’ll become more creative and amazing first date ideas will start to flow really easily.