Cute Girlfriend: How To Find One For You

Cute Girlfriend: How To Find One For You

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YOU have the ability to get a girlfriend!

Regardless of who you are or what you do, you can become the man. You can be the guy in your social circle that all other guys look up to and worship. You can be the guy at your local bar who all the attractive girls secretly hope will pick them out for a fun night.

Imagine being able to go up and approach the cutest girl at any event or social gathering and have her excited to have the opportunity to meet you. Well, if you’re sick of this being part of your imagination and you want to bring it into your new reality, I have some good news for you. I can help you learn how to find a date.

I don’t make that statement lightly. The reason I know that I can succeed with you is because I’ve already done it with myself and thousands of guys that I’ve coached. No matter how bad you currently are with women, we can turn that around.

Create an attractive attitude to get a girl…

So, the first thing that I focus on with a new guy is building an attractive attitude. Sure, we can get all your physical features right, we can make you look like a rock star and this will help you unbelievably – but having a physically attractive shell without an attractive attitude is like having a Porsche with a lawn mower motor!  Ultimately, it’s not going to take you very long to work out that this vehicle is not the real deal.

Whilst men are predominately attracted to physical features, women are generally attracted to social status and personality. You need to train your personality to be fun and playful. A great way to do this is to focus on teasing and flirting with women.

As a starting point, you may want to play around with active disinterest, which is where you actively let the girl know that you’re not interested in her, essentially telling her that she hasn’t yet passed your test, or your standard.

You can do this by saying things to her like, “Oh, that’s so cute,” in a condescending way, or turning to her friends and saying, “Is she always like this?” When you say these things, it helps to have a cheap grin on your face. Your goal here is not to crush the girl, but just to create an emotional spark deep within her that will cause her to want to work harder for your approval.

Cute girlfriends love attractive energy…

Attractive energy is something that makes women feel compelled to want to come and meet you. The best way to do this is to be the life of the party. If you’re having fun and enjoying yourself and just being completely in your own world, unattached to how other people perceive you, she will notice this and be drawn towards you.

I do this by thinking of things that are fun to me. I, firstly, make sure that I hang out with people that I enjoy. Secondly, I make sure that when I go to a bar I feel completely comfortable in that environment.

Be in your comfort zone when meeting someone new…

If you’re more of a pub guy, but you go to a nightclub trying to pick women up, you’ll instantly find that your energy is zapped. Being in an unfamiliar environment can make it hard to do your work, but try to stand up straight and tall and be in the moment. I also put a focus on smiling. Our bodies and minds are wired and linked in a way that they affect each other.

Try this – for the next 30 seconds simply smile as hard as you can, inside your brain repeat the word “yes, yes, yes.” If you get excited enough you may even want to pump your fist a little. Notice how this impacts your entire mood and energy. When your energy is right, everything that resonates from you will be attractive, it will be like you have a magnet deep within you. Girls will feel the energetic pull.

Have an attractive approach…

A girl will make up her mind in the first five seconds of meeting you as to whether she sees you as a sexual option. If you get the first five seconds right, from that point on sex will be yours to lose.

On the contrary, if you fail to get the approach right, you open yourself up to her stone-walling you, testing you, or potentially degrading you, leaving you feeling completely insignificant, crushed, and demoralized.

So, how do you make an attractive approach? Well, it starts by getting her attention. First of all, you need to position yourself in a way that you’re close to her. Nothing screams predator more than a guy walking fifteen meters across a room in a bee-line straight to a girl.

Be cool…

A common mistake that beginners make is they feel that they have to get all their words out quickly so that the girl will pay attention to them. These guys bombard her with verbal statements and questions. Instead, just start with something small and then give her the space to respond.

Have you ever noticed when a telemarketer salesperson rings you up on the phone and gives you a long-winded sales pitch right from the start, you often just hang up the phone?

However, if they engage you at the start and start the interaction with small talk and allow you to respond, you now feel more committed to continuing the conversation with them. The same is true with an attractive approach. Always wondered how to get women? Now you don’t need to wonder anymore!