Daniel Craig: Gentleman, Alpha Male

Daniel Craig: Gentleman, Alpha Male

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Daniel Wroughton Craig was born in the 2nd of March 1968 in Chester, Cheshire in England. Daniel is a British actor best known for playing the British secret agent ‘James Bond’ in the 2006 reboot of the film series and its following sequels.

David Craig can really be best known for a couple of things. First of all, his ragged good looks, his calm personality, his athletic physique which was immortalized in the first James Bond series ‘Casino Royale,’ where he is coming out of the water. He really epitomizes the true alpha male that a lot of guys aspire to be and women find irresistibly attractive.

Daniel Craig’s story is amazing for a number of reasons. He spent many years as a struggling actor picking up minor roles here and there and never really playing lead role. His acting style is very focused. He tends to take on quite serious action roles and he took a massive risk in life taking on the James Bond role because the role comes with a lot of expectation.

Daniel Craig movies and his incredible success…

The second thing is he is also has blond hair, and traditionally, James Bond characters have always had brown hair. Now, this may not seem like a lot to you, but it did for a lot of mad James Bond fans out there. Last of all, playing James Bond can really typecast you into a particular role, and that can affect the rest of an acting career.

Daniel Craig also went to great lengths to appraise the James Bond role – probably more so than any other Bond actor in the past. He took on tough military style training, he quit smoking, and really took on the physique and look of an ex-army soldier. Daniel Craig’s story is quite inspirational because it really shows that with tough determination and discipline, you can achieve great things.

Stay passionate like Daniel Craig…

In life, like Daniel, we can work hard for many years and achieve very little success, and it’s really easy to just give up and give in any time. Get past the disappointment and failures and keep the focus on your goal like Daniel Craig did, and you’ll succeed in life.

So, guys, it’s really important to focus on what you are really passionate about because, if you are not really passionate about what you are doing, then you are going to have a hard time overcoming any obstacles should they come your way. For Daniel, his passion was acting.

The importance of being an alpha male…

The next great thing about Daniel’s story that you can really take inspiration from is when a big opportunity does come your way, really grab it by the scruff of the neck and take it on. Just look at Daniel Craig – he took on the Bond character, studied it, and really worked tirelessly to look like James Bond should look.

You need to do the same whenever an opportunity comes your way. You also need to leave nothing to chance. Make sure every angle is covered and dedicate yourself fully to achieving whatever your goal is.

Here’s more food for thought: Daniel Craig is seen by many women as being extremely attractive, and this is not just because of his fame, but also because Daniel really portrays the typical alpha male. Why is that? He is calm under pressure! Even if this is how he is portrayed in the movie, he is physically fit and he is athletic. He looks like a man that could look after himself, and also look after a lady. He looks a little bit rough around the edges, but really scrubs out well in a suit.

Be confident like Daniel Craig…

Confidence can come from a lot of things. It comes from living your passions in life, being self-assured, and really knowing your strengths and weaknesses. So, draw up a list. Are you living your purpose in life? Are you achieving your goals? Are you living your passions? Do you know yourself well? That’s a big one.

To be more confident and more attractive, you need to dictate where your life is going. You need to be totally in control. You need to be living consciously and determining what your career path is. The more in-line you are with your passions, the better your quality of life is going to live.

Look good…

The last thing that really is attractive about Daniel Craig is his sense of fashion. He looks like a rugged guy that can look after himself, but he dresses like a real gentleman.

So, perhaps maybe start considering how you can fix your wardrobe up. Overhaul your wardrobe and take inspiration from fashion blogs like Look Book, the Sartorialist, and GQ mags, to really get a sense of what’s stylish and what’s fashionable. Best of luck!