Date Night Movies That Increase Romance

Is it possible that watching certain movies on date night can increase your chance for romance? Absolutely.

Watching movies on date night can be used as a great lead-in for romance.

Watching a movie together allows you to spend quality time alone with a woman, which greatly improves your chances of physical intimacy. There are great movies to watch on a date, so do your research and find great chick-flicks that are popular with women.

Watching movies that make women horny is a great strategy to implement in your dating routine; just make sure it's the right movie. I have three easy tips that you can implement to make the most of using movies in a dating situation and greatly increase your odds of having sex at the end of the date.

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Do you have movie suggestions that increased the romance on a date? Please leave a comment in the box below, and help give ideas to others so that they can have the success that you did.

Date night movies

Use these tips for a movie date night... and you can do a lot more than watch movies.

Tip #1:  Choose a comfortable location.

Make sure the location where you are watching the movie is a comfortable place, such as on the couch or on your bed. Wherever you choose, you must be in a place where you are physically close to each other. This is essential, and really after all, makes sense. You do not want to watch a movie where the physical setting makes it impossible to touch or kiss your date. If you are quite a distance from her, any movie romance movie you watch would pretty much be useless. This is really a no brainier, but I thought it worth the mention anyway.

Tip #2:  Choose the best movie for the date so that you get the desired result.

Women are aroused by many types of movies. For example, I recently polled a number of women, and asked them what type of movies increased their arousal and put them in the mood for sex. The women surveyed were of various ages, some were single, and some were in relationships. Their responses included a number of different genres of movies. Included are a few titles of movies that they suggested: Eyes Wide Shut, Dirty Dancing, 9 ½ Weeks, Crimes of Passion, Original Sin, Body of Evidence, and Basic Instinct, to name a few.

Look on the internet and search for movies that turn her on. Women love romance, which is a great arousal technique. Also, try to find out more about your date and what she likes. Women are often aroused by the combination of a passionate love story with an attractive leading male actor. Movies are a great avenue for subtle ways to seduce a woman.

If you are not sure what your date might be into, then you can always stick with a fun and sexy comedy. If you don’t know your date well, steer away from movies that are more likely to cause negative reactions. In this case, it is wise to avoid the following types of movies: movies that will make her question sex or relationships, movies that relate to cheating, (if she is already in a relationship), or movies that may trigger other negative thoughts (such as extremely sad or violent themes). Stay away from outright porn, it is an extreme turnoff.

I once played a movie with a plot about a girl who felt bad for cheating on her boyfriend. My date also had a boyfriend. Bad idea, as I could tell instantly that the movie changed her mood. It was not surprising that she quickly left. My friend once played a movie for his date called Just Friends, which was about a guy who was in the friend zone. This was not a good choice as the woman quickly put him in the friend zone as well. Choose romantic date movies wisely, or it could easily backfire on you.

Tip #3:  Do not be afraid to use the pause button.

Don’t be afraid to stop the movie while it is playing. Personally, I don't tend to watch movies straight through. I often watch movies in four or five parts. I might pause and get up, or do other things. Do the same with your date. Don’t be afraid to stop and start a movie. Use the opportunity to your advantage; chat, grab some popcorn or a drink, sneak in a kiss or maybe a hug. Make it exciting and fun.

Don’t simply choose a movie that you expect will make her horny and things will magically happen. Make an effort to make the time with her fun, invigorating, and different. Women like to be listened to, so listen, and learn. They like to talk about the movie, and feedback is important to her. It's also a great chance to increase arousal.

Use this time wisely, and you might be pleasantly surprised. Find the perfect date night movie for romance, and romance you will likely get.

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