Dating a Married Woman Without Getting Involved

Want to hook up with a married woman?

Flirting and maybe even some heavy petting probably led you to the discovery that she is married and looking for a fling. Learn the rules you must follow to keep it as neat and tidy as possible before someone gets hurt… even you.

Dating a Married Woman

Rule # 1: Don't let her husband catch you. Rule # 2: If you get caught, vigorously insist you were sleep walking.

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Here’s a question from a reader…

Q: If a guy is dating a married woman or is about to get involved with a married woman what should he keep in mind?

I just want to quickly touch on the topic of morality before we go any further. If you are dating a married woman or if she wants to get get involved with you, then she probably doesn’t place much of a value on her morality. This means that you need to be understanding of her. If she’s looking for men outside of her marriage, then her marriage is probably not fulfilling her very much. If you are willing to date such a woman, you need to cast aside any preconceptions you may have about the morality of dating a married woman. The last thing you want to do is judge her because her husband caught her cheating.

Now for a guy who finds himself attracted to a married woman and wants to hook up with her, it’s actually going to be a lot easier than you would normally think. This is particularly the case for married women who have been with their husbands for any period over two years. Usually, that’s when the honeymoon period starts to recede and different components of the girl’s marriage begin to bore her. She then becomes open to the possibility of looking to fulfill whatever’s missing in her life by meeting a guy; whether it is excitement, attention, or her sexual desires going unfulfilled.

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You fill a part…

A big factor that is important to recognize while hooking up with a married woman is that you’re usually coming in to fulfill a part of her life. You’re not coming in to replace her husband altogether. You’re just there to give her whatever’s missing in her life. If you both recognize and understand that, then you can have a fairly healthy relationship. You will be able to add value to her life without derailing her marriage further down the road.

One of the primary things married woman are looking for is a sexual connection: Someone who appreciates her sexually, who brings some flare into her sex life, and who is willing to experiment. If you can form that connection with a married woman, this will be a massive bonus to you both. It’s important for you to recognize that your role is usually just that of a lover, and nothing more. If you start looking for more and start wanting to go on a dinner date with her, you’re going to sabotage your relationship. She probably doesn’t want that. So be aware of her motivations and keep things casual.

For a guy who’s dating a married woman – what are the advantages?

I think one of the main advantages of dating a married woman is that you get to have all the good stuff without dealing with her negative drama. A lot of the time, because she’s so grateful for what you bring to her life, she will be very open with her sexual nature. She’ll be able to bring a side of her personality that maybe she’s not able to share with her husband. She will really get into the sex, and perhaps even be a little over the top.

You don’t have to deal with all the other emotional baggage her husband has to deal with. In fact, she’s probably so fed up with it, she’d rather not mention it at all when she’s around you. I think that can be a huge plus of getting involved with women that are married or in serious relationships.

Obviously there are also going to be challenges because you’re going to be limited in how often and when you get to see her. You’re going to feel like you have to snoop around and be mindful of who sees you when you’re together. So keep in mind that unlike other casual relationships, you can’t just call call her out of the blue at night whenever you’re feeling horny. If you want to date a married woman, she’ll be more likely to call you out of the blue because she’s feeling horny.

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