Dating Advice For Men From The Women You’ll Be Dating

Dating Advice For Men From The Women You’ll Be Dating

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I’m going to share with you some valuable advice a female friend gave to me that really upped my game and changed my outlook. It’ll help you, too.

You won’t always get the girl!

A great piece of guy advice is that not everyone always gets the girl. When I first started to learn about being good with women, I initially thought that, once I learned these skills, I was going to be magnetic to every girl. I thought I was going to be able to attract every girl, and the shock reality is that it never really eventuated that way. I was wrong.

I would often then get rejected, and I would start getting analytical, and I would get upset at myself, and I would start to see myself as less of a person. This was just nightmarish for my game. As soon as that started to happen, my whole night was ruined and I would leave totally dejected.

Realize that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t have anyone you want, and the pressure will leave you.

Stay in your own league!

Next is to play in your own league. You know what? If you’re a guy that’s unemployed, you might have a lot of pimples on your face, you might even have a bit of a potbelly, do you really think that you’re going to have a chance with an amazing model? Do you think you’re going to be able to attract stunning women?

The answer is no. You’ve got to learn to play in your own league. If you want to attract stunning, beautiful women, then you’ve got a choice. You need to start looking at how you can make yourself a stunning, attractive guy, so you can then meet stunning, attractive women – or you can stay as you are.

Now, as a guy, you’ve got a bit of an advantage here. You don’t have to be born with great looks to be attractive to girls. Looks can help a bit, but that’s not what girls really get attracted to. They get attracted to confidence. They get attracted to a guy that’s going somewhere in life. They get attracted to a guy that’s got his shit together, who’s a real man, who has a high value.

The good news for you guys is you can be that guy. You can be high-value. You can have confidence, but you’ve got to work on yourself. There’s no quick fix here. It takes time to be that guy, and it takes a lot of dedication to really work on yourself, to learn how to better yourself, to do more things that push your comfort level, but really help you achieve confidence.

Stop caring so much and you’ll succeed…

The last great piece of dating advice for men that this girl gave me was to have freedom from outcome. In other words, not giving a fuck, just having fun with everything, not taking life too seriously. She would say guys that were really unattractive wanted to have an outcome, wanted to get something from her.

If you can free yourself from that, if you can have freedom from outcome, your ability to deal with shit, ability to handle social pressures, will be so much easier. Learn to go with the flow more. Learn to be okay with whatever happens, and be internally happy and validated. Be happy with yourself. Learn to love and accept yourself, and have a good life and not have to rely on other people to make your life better.

A big problem for guys is, when they start to learn skills with women, they rely on that validation to affect their mood and their happiness. If they don’t get validated, they feel bad. Find things that make you happy, where you do not have to rely on other people to make you happy. This is not just great help for finding women, but also great romance advice.

Be content, be happy, and you’ll relax more! With this advice, you now know what women are looking for – and you can be the dominant alpha male.