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dating for sex

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She sends signals

You probably realize it already, but women drop subtle hints when they are interested. What you may not realize is the true meaning of her touch, her eye contact, or a toss of that wisp of hair. I am shocked at the number of guys that miss out on seeing these signals and want to provide the common courtesy, a Rosetta stone if you will, as to what these signs actually should mean to you. What signals can you look for to recognize whether the women you are dating for sex are ready when you are? In most cases, women will never come right out and say it. Instead, they will consciously or unconsciously send you some signals that they are ready to have sex.


One of the ways that they might do that is by touching you. For example, your date might touch you to emphasize something that she is saying. It doesn’t really matter where she touches you.  She is more likely to touch you above the pelvic area, since touching you below it might be a bit too forward. Pay attention to whether she is comfortable enough with you to touch you somewhere. It is a sure sign that she is attracted to you, even if it is something as simple as brushing your shoulder. Whether she does it directly or indirectly, any excuse to touch you is a good sign.

Watch her eyes

The other thing to look for is prolonged eye contact, like gazing into your eyes. This is a different type of stare than just looking at you intensely. It will be almost as if she is lost in your eyes. For example, if your date is still gazing at you after you have finished saying something to her, then you can be confident that she wants something more than good conversation. Prolonged eye contact is usually a good sign that a woman wants to be intimate with you.

Since we are talking about eye contact, other behaviors that you can look for when your interest is dating for sex are signs that she wants to kiss you. If your date is gazing at you, then pay attention to whether she looks you in the eye, glances at your lips, and then looks back at your eyes. This is a subtle way of telling you that she is ready to be kissed.

Watch her actions

Other good non-verbal signals which your date might send include flicking her hair, moving her chest forward a bit to expose it more, and flicking her shoe up and down. These are all unconscious behavioral signals that she is very interested in you. If you notice any of these, then the first thing that you should do is escalate. For example, you could kiss your date, move closer to her, or take her somewhere where you can get closer to her.

When women are ready to have sex, they will almost never just tell you that they want to go back to your place and be intimate with you. It can happen, but it is very rare for girls to be that upfront. They are much more likely to give you an excuse — or wait for you to give them one — to go back to your place or theirs where you can have sex.

Have a reason to take her back

If you want to go back to your place, then you could try telling your date that you have some CDs or a really cool display model that you want to show her. Whatever you do, don’t be too upfront and blurt out that you want to have sex back at your place. Just give her an excuse why you need to go there for a minute. Inevitably this will end up leading to sex, but making an excuse to go back there to your place will make her feel more comfortable about it since she won’t feel like a slut by giving herself away so easily. She may have sent the signals she is ready for intimacy, but she would never want to think that you are dating for sex.

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