Dating in Japan

Dating in Japan is a great idea, because Japan is one of the best places on earth to meet girls.

Or at least, I have had a great time there. You will need to know exactly what women in Japan expect though, before you move forward or you might be one of the unlucky few who can’t get a date.

Read on for details…

Dating in Japan

Find a Japanese beauty in a beautiful country.

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There are lots of women…

There’s a high population, that is densely concentrated in urban areas. I remember going to a convenience store while visiting Japan and being amazed at how many girls would be in the store at one time. There were crowds everywhere – and that means there are always going to be plenty of girls around. For example, there is one intersection in Tokyo that has one million people walking across it every single day! You cannot beat these odds. Picking up women in Japan, mathematically speaking, is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel. Another reason that Japan is great for picking up women is that Japanese girls love foreigners. A friend of mine who taught English there told me that many Japanese girls make it a goal to date foreignersYet, despite these positive factors, I have met guys who can’t pick up girls in Japan.

Live where the girls are…

I knew a guy from Canada who (very reasonably) expected Japan to be a goldmine for picking up girls. Yet, he couldn’t get laid there, no matter what he tried. Sometimes guys who don’t get girls make unconscious decisions that really hurt their chances. They almost seem to set themselves up for failure. In this guy’s case, he chose to teach English in a very isolated small town that had almost no people in it, and then he didn’t live in the town. Simply because of the logistics, trying to meet girls, then getting them to go on a date and come back to his place turned out to be almost impossible for him. He spent his time there complaining about Japanese girls and how hard it was to meet them.

While Japan may give opportunities for meeting many women, it is not a magic bullet for success with girls. Before you go to Japan to meet women, think about the unconscious decisions you make. Picking up women in Japan might be a catalyst for becoming really confident with women, but you’ve got to think like a guy that is good with women first. You should strategically choose where you will live once you get there. Think about the location. Is it going to be somewhere that makes it easy to get dates, as well as an easy place to encourage girls to come back to your apartment? Successfully picking up women in Japan requires being aggressive with getting results.

When you choose a job in Japan, think about how that job will allow you the opportunity to practice your social skills (or not). Does the potential job contribute to your ability to meet girls? For example, how easily will it be to meet girls if you’re expected to work long hours and weekends? You need to build the right lifestyle – and this will require you to think and to plan ahead long before visiting or moving to Japan.

Sometimes going to a place like Japan, cutting loose, meeting girls, having lots of sex, and partying can provide a very good opportunity to build your awareness about the sort of unconscious decisions you’re making. Understanding these decisions is important, because they can dramatically affect your success with girls, no matter what country you’re in.

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