Dating More Than One Girl: Keep Your Options Open!

Dating More Than One Girl: Keep Your Options Open!

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Want to date more than one girl?

It doesn’t matter why or how many times you’ve blown it in the past, what matters is that you’re here, now, and you’re ready to learn how to give her what she wants so you get to keep your freedom. Dating is a numbers game. You need to meet as many girls as possible in order to find the right girl that you truly gel and connect with. It’s very important to keep your options open – date as much as possible in order to find that special girl.

Become a more laidback person…

This could be seen as being a male slut, but I don’t perceive it that way. I see it as giving myself as many opportunities as possible and enjoying the process. I’m completely open with girls, especially in the dating phase. I don’t look at that girl as my girlfriend at that stage – it’s just someone that I’m getting to know, and am undecided yet about whether things are going to go further. She’s probably doing the same with me. The longer you date in this way, the easier it is to develop such a laidback mindset.

Having this kind of mindset takes a lot of pressure off a guy. I know that if I was only dating one girl, for say a month or so, I would become a little bit needy. I’d be investing all my expectations in this one girl, rather than having many girls in my life that I could end up being in a possible relationship with.

Having more girls around will allow me to take more risks. I’ll be a lot more relaxed and comfortable around girls because I know that if one relationship doesn’t work out, there’s going to be another girl in the next week or so. I’ve got more opportunities and I’m not limiting myself to just one girl.

Connect to women in new ways…

So, how does a guy create more opportunities for himself with women? Well, in order to have more women in your life, you need to open up the possibilities of meeting more women. That could mean going out on the weekend and approaching women, or setting up a couple of dating profiles on websites and making dates online.

You could also join various meet-up groups or go speed dating. Really, just getting out there and meeting more girls will increase the possibilities of going on dates and bringing new girls into your life. It’s going to really help to bring that abundant mindset about and give you more choices in your life. Don’t stress about being branded a player – live life your own way and don’t dismiss the idea of having open relationships.