Dating Older Women

Dating Older Women

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Every guy should have the experience of dating older women at least once in their life. Cougars are a great catch for a younger guy looking to increase his experience with women and increase his experience in his sex life.

Why are cougars such a great catch? Women who are cougars are older. They know themselves better because they have lived life and gained wisdom. They know where they’re going, and have probably seen and done just about everything imaginable.

They are also less likely to play games and screw with your head. Older women are way past drama in their lives and avoid it at all cost. Most importantly, they’re at their sexual peak, which means they’re usually hornier than you are and will make the sex the best you’ve ever had.

Does age matter in relationships? If you’re just in for the ride, then try riding an older woman. Have I caught your attention yet? I will give you some great pointers that will help you catch and keep a cougar in your life.

Pointer #1: Have great manners.

You want to make sure that you have great manners when dating older women. We’re not talking about saying yes ma’am as if you’re respecting your elders. Older women do not like being called ma’am. You’ll turn her off before you EVER get the chance to turn her on. Just make sure that you have your manners in check. This includes holding a door open, being polite, and refrain from swearing.

You’re going to have to up your level of maturity if you want to stand a chance with a cougar. Many older women find themselves back in the dating world after years of being married, and often are not into dating grandfatherly types. So, they are often looking for younger guys who can keep up with them, but be respectful and don’t act like some young punk.

Pointer #2: Compliment her.

Cougars love to be complimented. They’re probably at a stage in their life where their looks are starting to slip away and they’re going through their own personal identity crisis. They’re a lot more self-conscious about their appearance, so if you can talk about how beautiful her hair is, how gorgeous her smile is, how pretty her eyes are, your sweet talk will make her feel special and make her feel better about herself. This will ensure you’re catching her attention and desire.

Pointer #3: Learn how to stay harder for longer periods of time.

Cougars have an immense sex drive. Women hit their sexual peak well above 35, so she’s going to have some expectations that you’re going to be able to last and fulfill her sexually. Otherwise, she’ll move on to the next sweet young thing. It’s important that you try to stay hard as long as you can, and you can do this in a couple of ways.

One is by investing in a course on Tantric Sex Techniques or watch the Maxwell Method, which employs a bit of tantra and instructs you on how to achieve multiple orgasms. Make sure to stay fit and healthy, and ensure that you have enough rest in your life. This will increase your vitality and help you last longer in the bedroom.

Pointer #4: Have an interesting character and lifestyle.

Be as interesting as you possibly can. You not only want to impress a cougar with your youthful energy and youthful appearance, you also want to be able to keep her interested and stimulated mentally. Try being more of a well-rounded person.

You don’t want to be just a guy that spends all his day playing computer games in his room and not being socially active. You want to have a little bit more going on in your life. You want to be able to talk about interesting things you’ve got going on so that you can keep the conversation flowing and keep her interested and invested in you.

Pointer #5: Learn everything you can about older women.

Cougars can provide you with some of the best education you have ever had, not only about life in general, but also about life in the bedroom. When you sleep with a cougar, you’ll learn a lot about women and gain a lot of sexual confidence just by having a woman of experience that will have no qualms in telling you what she wants. She is not the least bit scared or shy to show you how to get her off.

This is all great advice to abide by if you decide to go for older women. You’ll have a better understanding and a more confident approach to gaining access to her life and her bedroom. Dating older women will be an experience you will never forget. Make sure you’re healthy and can handle her, because she can probably outlast you!