Dating Online: Tips to Get Women to Respond

You might think it’s simple to get women to respond online…

But if you’re like most men, you’re in for a shock. Women get an inbox full of messages every day, and if you don’t stand up, you will get lost at the bottom of the pile.

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Most guys do the same thing though, so standing out is not impossible. Here are are some tips…

Dating Online: Tips to Get Women to Respond

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Read about her.

When you are dating online, there are a number of things that you can do to encourage women to respond to you. For starters, women really appreciate it when you take the time to read their profile. A lot of women feel that guys send out bulk messages without actually reading the profiles of the people who they contact.

I would recommend that you read a woman’s profile first and find a point or two that you really like. Then, when you contact her, ask her some questions about the things on her profile which caught your eye. You can also use her profile to make observations about her. For example, you could let her know that you like her taste in British comedy and that you would guess that she must have a wicked sense of humor. This is a great way to encourage women to respond since they will know that you have actually taken the time to go through their profiles instead of sending a message because you thought that they looked cute in their profile pictures.

Personalize your message.

The second thing that I would recommend if you are online dating, is to avoid sending the same message to all the girls who you contact. Rather personalize your messages and change your approach by paying attention to what a particular girl has revealed about herself on her profile. As far as possible, make sure that each message which you send fits the girl who you send it to. For example, if a particular girl is an avid reader and very intelligent, then the last thing that you want to do is send her a message that has grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.

Something else that is well worth doing when you contact women on dating sites is to talk about the things which you have in common. Women don’t just pay attention to whether a man is attractive or not, they also consider whether they share anything in common. You can even use the things which you have in common to set up a future date together. For example, if you both enjoy outdoor adventures, then you might organize a time to go rock climbing together. On the other hand, if you both enjoy good food, then you could invite her out to a nice restaurant.

Focus on commonalities.

Emphasizing the things which you have in common with someone is a great way to kick off a conversation with them. For example, if you see that a particular girl loves to travel, then you could mention that you enjoy traveling as well and describe some of the places that you have visited recently. That will get her interested and she will probably ask you some questions about the places that you have been to.

My final dating advice is to make sure that you have an interesting profile that will encourage women to find out more about you. For example, if you play in a band then make sure that you mention that. A woman who enjoys music and who reads your profile will probably be curious about the music which you play and your band’s aspirations for the future. The more interesting your profile is, the more likely women will want to chat with you and find out more about you.

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