Dating Tips And Advice For Men

Dating Tips And Advice For Men

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Rather than giving you the stock-standard dating tips that you can get in any Men’s Health magazine, I’m going to give you something a little deeper in this article. Here’s what you need to do, and comment below if you think I’ve missed anything. Let’s get a great conversation started here!

Listen to my dating tips and advice for men, and romance advice will be a thing of the past – you can become successful with women!

Escape theory and enter practice!

A lot of the time, advice sounds good in theory, but when you’re actually in the moment with a girl, all that advice really doesn’t do you any justice, because the issue that you may be facing is a little deeper.

Know your place in life…

The first issue that a lot of guys I find face, when having difficulties with women, is not really knowing their place in life. They’re not fully confident of themselves. They don’t know where they sit, they’re unhappy in their jobs or in their direction, and it really comes through when they’re talking to women. They’re unsure of themselves.

Guys that are more confident and have purpose in life have direction, they know where they’re going, and they’re sorted out in a lot of areas. It really pays to figure out where you are in life, what your passions are, and where you want to be in five years’ time.

A good exercise to discover this is to spend some time away from your laptop, away from your phone, and schedule some high-quality thinking time. This might be in a flotation tank, sitting in a park on your own, with no distractions, or any other place where you have privacy. This is often the key ingredient in finding your passion.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance…

I often find that, for a lot of guys, we become victims of circumstance. We fall into jobs, we fall into careers. We’re pressured by family or what’s expected of us, and we end up living someone else’s dream, and not really our own dream.

Let me tell you this: you’ll never find happiness, doing this. You’ll never find confidence while you’re living someone else’s dream. It’s important to take a couple of steps back and to schedule some time and really get your directions sorted out. This is your future and this is your life, and you want to be living a life that brings great joy and happiness, as opposed to one that you struggle to get through.

With finding your own passion, you’ll become naturally a more confident, happier, and attractive person. You’ll naturally attract women, rather than having to learn some little routine. You’ll ooze attraction and people will gravitate towards you.

Your image, style and identity play a huge part…

My next piece of getting-a-girlfriend advice is to think about your image, style, and identity. What does your current style represent? When people see you, what do they think of? Do they think you look like an attractive guy? Do they think you look like a guy that’s got his shit together, or do you look a little disheveled and perhaps maybe out of date with your clothes and your style?

If you have no idea about fashion or style, ask what other people think of the way you dress and the way you look. Get an idea of how they see you. It’s important to think of yourself as a brand. What’s your brand and what do you represent? Do you want to represent a guy that’s adventurous? Do you want to represent a guy that’s entrepreneurial? Do you want to represent a guy that’s stylish and sophisticated? Think of how you want to be projected to the rest of the world, then how you can actually go about getting a style that reflects that.

Always be at your best…

Next is to really think hard about when you’re at your best, what do you look like? When you’re at your most confident and comfortable and you’re carefree, what do you look like, how do you act like, and how do you feel, because that’s when you’re at your most attractive.

If you can naturally get into that state at any time, like at the click of a button, you’ll be so much more attractive to girls. I want you to first do your best to get into that state right now. See if you can get extremely comfortable in every way.

To achieve this, maybe do some breathing exercises, or NLP-type visualization exercises, or simply just jump up and down and get psyched. Rate yourself, out of ten, how good you are doing. Keep track of your score and see if you can increase this every time, then think of a strategy for getting into this state on demand, without alcohol.

For me, I found visualization and meditation to be the best way to get into this state, and doing this practice was so important to turning on a more attractive me when I was around girls, because no longer was I controlled by negative thoughts. I could turn on the more attractive, confident, and comfortable me, any time I wanted. It’s worth putting some time into this exercise.