Dating UK Women is a Matter of Knowing How to Touch

Good at talking to women, but want to ‘close the deal’ more?

Well you can if you touch her more. Here’s some simple tips to get started…


She wants you to touch her... and to touch you. Go for it.

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Touch is important.

Touch is a good focus. You can be horrible at every other aspect of meeting women and trying to attract women, but if you know how to touch them in the right way it will bypass everything else that’s going on. For guys who are just starting out in the dating scene, this is a good starting point to focus on.

It is normal to be afraid.

Most guys are afraid to touch girls. Every single guy that hasn’t had success with women or hasn’t been exposed to being physical experiences that, particularly if they come from a culture where it’s seen as not being acceptable to touch other people. There are a few steps to this: the first step is you just have to force yourself to do it. If you read Vin DiCarlo’s Escalation Ladder, that will give you some good tips.

For me, two other strategies that I implemented in the early days were: taking salsa classes, which gave me the opportunity to get comfortable with touch and being comfortable touching everyone: girls, guys, my friends, my relatives — just in a friendly way. The second strategy was getting a weekly massage. Massages help to get you used to feeling another person’s hands all over your body.

Touch is more important than talking.

When you get good at touch, you can talk about the standard day to day conversational stuff that you would talk to with everyone. What happens is you’re able to use your touch to let her know of your sexual intent and the direction that you want to move the interaction. The subtext is often far more important than the text. The meaning behind the interaction is going to be what’s going to resonate in her subconscious mind.


The process of doing this is by starting at a fairly platonic level with your touch, which is safe touch that anyone would feel comfortable about with a stranger — we call that class one level touch. Touch the hands, the arms, the shoulder; things like handshakes, high fives, and more. Get a lot of incidental touches happening, which are light touches that feel almost like accidental touches.

She’s not even aware of them. What happens on a subconscious level, if you can get anywhere from seven to twenty incidental touches in, is she will start to subconsciously feel okay with your touch, which will then allow you to be a little bit more overt and direct with your touch. You can hold your touch for a little bit longer and that’s how you let her know that you have intent for her.

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Now once you’ve got her comfortable with that you move to a more personal level of touch, which is touch to the abdomen and stomach and also the legs and once again you want to go through this process of incidental touch followed by overt, direct touch and then progressively we can move things to a more sexual level. The face; the hair; the neck and when you’re at that level you will know if a girl is still accepting your touch that she’s ready to be kissed.

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