David DeAngelo – REVEALED

David Deangelo has been a major contributor to the Seduction Community, taking the science of seduction mainstream with his Double Your Dating line of self-help products.

After struggling through years of frustration with dating, David Deangelo made a name for himself with his concept of “cocky funny” flirting and teasing. By employing a combination of cockiness balanced with humor, a man can set himself apart from other men in a woman’s eyes. This attitude gives him the edge – he appears confident, and funny.

Confidence and humor play major roles in seduction. A man who is confident and has a sense of humor shows that he has high value, and is fun to be around. But although these are important character traits to have when interacting with women, this is only part of the picture.

David Deangelo also popularized, among many others, the idea of status differentials between men and women in interactions – “always be cooler” he advises. The biggest appeal of his products is that he doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. He brings in guest “experts” and explores ideas, rather than lecturing on the right and wrong way to do things. His “Interviews with Dating Gurus” does just that.

The trouble with this “Interviews With Dating Gurus” CDs… however… is they lack the modern “psychology” of dating.

For example: In 2010, a group of corrupt scientists discovered a “strange” loophole in the way women think. They discovered a simple, three question sequence you can ask ANY woman to get her turned on… make her crave your touch… and… most important of all… make her see you as a confident man (even if women make you nervous.)

When I discovered this science, it seemed to good to be true. So, I tested it out for myself and broke it down into “common man” steps you can take. And because you’re interested in becomming a more confident man, I’d like to share this information with you, as well.

All you gotta do is watch this short, free video. In the video, I’ll show you the three questions you need to ask any woman to get her into bed… how to get a woman addicted to your love… and even… how to attract that woman you’ve got your eye on RIGHT now… without… saying anything wrong… or… making any wrong moves.

It’s all in this video. So check it out, because it’s free:

Check Out Your Free Video Here

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