DHV Routines And Their Dangers

DHV Routines And Their Dangers

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Do you want the best DHV routines that will instantly spike a girl’s attraction and have her addicted for you? As I’m sure you’re well aware, I’ve spent the last 10 years approaching more than 15,000 women to position myself as the number one pick-up artist in the world.

Read on to find my big secrets about DHV routines, DHV PUA techniques, and how to be an effective pick up artist.

What is a DHV routine?

To the uninitiated, DHV stands for Demonstration of Higher Value. It’s a technique that certain dating coaches use to make their students feel more valuable so that they can increase their apparent value to a girl.

If you haven’t heard of DHV, congratulations. It’s a poisonous approach to the game that will actually set you back lightyears. The reason being is that demonstrating higher value, or at least feeling the need to demonstrate higher value, will cripple you from the inside out.

Let me explain…

When you feel the need to demonstrate higher value to a girl you are talking to, essentially bragging about yourself or even make up misleading information to make yourself appear bigger than you are, what you’re essentially tattooing deep within your subconscious is, “I’m not OK as I am.”

When you take this approach, it doesn’t matter what you say to a girl. The core is always shining through. Women are incredibly intuitive. She’ll see through your fake words. She’ll see through the heavy armor that you’re putting up. She’ll see your mask and look past it. This is certainly not a great way of finding a date!

More importantly, you will feel you won’t have a sense of self-worth. If you feel like you need to lift your value to give more to the women around you, then there’s ways that you can do this.

Experience is ultimately what counts…

There’s no doubt that, in my time, I’ve come out with absolute gold nuggets – words that I can say to women that will instantly elicit an emotive reaction. But, the problem is, if I would give you these gold nuggets, they still wouldn’t work for you.

Why not? Because you don’t have my 10 years of experience. You don’t have my calibration. You haven’t mastered the art of body language and facial expressions and touch. All these things combine to create the result that I get with women.

How do you get that too? The good news is, because I’ve already traveled the road, I’ve walked over the bumps and tripped up in the potholes, you no longer have to. You can shortcut the road to success.

You’ve got it easy!

I’m actually sitting here incredibly jealous of the position that you’re in and the opportunities coming your way. If someone had offered me a shortcut to the hard work, pain, and rejection that I had to go through to learn the secrets to the universe of women, there wouldn’t have been any amount of money that I wouldn’t have paid.

Now, I’ll give you some of these dating tips for free.

Make a shift, challenge the girl’s real value…

That said – don’t be negative; you don’t want to put her off. But, if you can delve deep and find the hidden treasure deep within her and bring it to the surface, she will be forever grateful for you too.

The way I personally do this is I see myself as an explorer – every time I meet a girl, I’m exploring new territory. Every girl in this sense is unique and fresh. It’s my job to find out where her hidden treasure is buried. What parts of her life does she excel in? What makes her an exceptional person?

When you have a curious focus and an inquisitive approach, dating women no longer becomes a chore but an exciting endeavor.

Always scratch beneath the surface…

Let’s turn the focus back on you for a quick second. Have you ever had someone who’s taken such an interest in who you were that they’ve bothered to scratch beneath the surface? They delved deep inside and found out what your core motivations were and what your personal dream and vision was moving forward in life.

When someone takes this level of interest and appreciation in you, and further solidifies it by complimenting you on your vision and on who you are at the core, you can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for that person. That person’s value in your eyes jumps immensely.

Display HER higher value…

Rather than focusing on trying to bump your own value up by coming out with creative routines, take the opposite approach and try and find out what it is that separates the girl you’re talking to from everyone else. If you can bump her internal perceived value from a 9 to a 10, in her eyes, you’ll also be seen as a 10.

I hope this is giving you a unique perspective on dating and approaching women, and how this somewhat confusing world is often best understood through counterintuitive tips. Chat up lines and PUA routines don’t work in your favor.