Dirty Stuff to Say to a Girl

You’ve read about it, right? Maybe you’ve even heard about it; girls being turned on when guys talk dirty to them.

You wonder, “Is this just a fantasy world, or reality?” Can a guy like you talk dirty to a girl and turn her on uncontrollably? By the end of this article, you’ll know the answer to that question.

Dirty Stuff to Say to a Girl

Learn the dirty little lines that will get you in bed with a girl begging for sex!

Dirty talk is not just about talking dirty to a girl. It’s a way of being. It’s something that you are. When you allow yourself to acknowledge that you’re a sexual creature, and you accept that it’s okay to want to fuck girls and do nasty things to them, you take on a persona that drives girls crazy at a core level. Unfortunately, through religious dogma and social programming, modern women are some of the most sexually repressed individuals going around.

You only have to look at the Best Selling list in most popular bookstores to get a sense of how repressed most women are. Erotic literature is a billion dollar business right now, and it’s only growing. Master the art of dirty talk, and you’ll master the art of women.

This article will give you three quick tips that will help you with knowing what to say to women.

At the end of this article, there will be three lines that you can use tonight, that will turn women on and put them in a sexual state for you to take advantage of.

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1. Talk about Sex

It doesn’t matter what aspect about sex you talk about. Just get good at bringing sex into conversation. Be completely comfortable talking about the topic. Talking about sex should never be a big deal for you. It should just roll off the tongue.

Get comfortable talking about your favorite sexual positions, or what it is about a girl that drives you crazy. Get comfortable telling a girl what you like done to you. This should happen well before you even make a direct move on her.

2. Tell Her What You Want To Do

The next level up from just talking about sex is making it more personable. Tell her all the nasty things that you’re thinking about her. Tell her where your mind goes, when she looks at you a certain way. Tell her what you’d like to do to her, if there was no one else around.

These types of conversations are best left to isolation, when it’s just the two of you there together. However, they can be even more powerful when you develop the confidence to be able to speak like this in front of other people. Letting a girl know that you’re turned on is powerful, but letting her know that it’s her that’s turning you on is even more potent.

3. Balance is Key

Balance verbal directness with nonverbal indirectness, and vice versa. In order to play around with the tension, you want to balance out being direct with her verbally, with being indirect nonverbally. What that means is you might say something super direct to her, while at the same time, looking around the room and checking out other girls, or slightly turning your body away from her.

Alternatively, this relationship can work the other way, where you talk about normal, day-to-day topics and have an intense sexual expression through your nonverbal language. Things like biting your lip, or looking longingly into her eyes, or ramping up your physical escalation are all great examples of this.

Now, onto the three direct lines that will take you a step closer to dirty talk. These lines are structured going from simple to hardest.

The simplest line is something that you should feel comfortable saying to a girl you’ve just met, maybe a girl in a club environment.

The last line is something that you can also say to a girl you’ve just met, but often, this is best left when you are in full isolation with her.

Line #1- “Wow, you’re pretty smart. You know what? Even if you weren’t super sexy, I’d still want to hang out with you.”

Line #2- “Wow, you have to stop looking at me like that. You’re making me think naughty thoughts about you.”

Line #3- “I can’t stop thinking about how good it would feel to be inside you right now. You’re so lucky all these people are around.”

Learning to talk dirty will take your game to a new level. It will unleash a beast inside of you, that’s been hiding in the shadows. As you can see from the three lines outlined above, you can start simple and work your way up. You can also pick and choose the girls that you think talking dirty will work best on. Try out these tips tonight when you are out picking up girls, see how powerful they can be!

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