Dirty Talk Examples

Want in-depth examples of dirty talk that work in real relationships?

Well, it’s actually NOT a good idea for you to try and memorize words or phrases to use for bedroom talk. I’ve tried this and even taught this to my clients long ago… but I’ve found that it does not work.

It might be a good idea to stop searching for dirty talk examples and instead to shift how you think.

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Dirty Talk Examples

Stop reading articles about dirty talk and start describing your thoughts and feelings

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Instead of finding dirty talk examples… focus on fun

Having sex is really a fun thing.  It’s probably the most fun we can have for free and it’s one of the best gifts of being human.  I can give you a lot of the science behind why is sex fun, but we would be here for a long time. All you really need to know is that the goal of sex is for you to have the most unbelievable time and for her to also have a great time. So start by relaxing and recognize that your ancestors have been mating successfully for thousands of years. You know what to do and if you are nervous, that is normal too. It is actually a good thing, because it shows that you really like her. Great! Here are some other tips you can do as well.

Talk about sex.

One thing I want to encourage you to do, as a reader of this blog and as someone who wants to become more powerful with girls, is to get to know someone who is very sexually skilled and, even more than being sexually skilled, has a real passion for sexuality. >If it’s something you’re interested in, and something you have a lot of pride in, you should share those ideas with someone who also enjoys the subject. Maybe you can help each other out.

All the girls I’ve had sex with — the girls who absolutely blew my mind — were very in touch with their own sexuality. They understood it,  enjoyed it, explored it, and they were comfortable enough to dirty talk with guys about it. It’s important for young guys to begin to lose the bad sexual programming they might have, whether from religion or your parents, and to begin to feel more comfortable talking about sex in general. The more you can do this, the more you’ll be able to talk about the things you want her to do and the things you’re feeling, so you can really let loose.

Talk dirty about your senses…

Probably the main example of dirty talk, you can learn and use straight away is anything that shows you’re in touch with your senses. Now, your senses are obviously your sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, so when you’re having sex with a girl, this is where a lot of your dirty talk is going to come from. You might be able to smell how beautiful her perfume is, or maybe she puts moisturizer on her skin, or maybe when you’re touching her, she feels soft and sleek. You know how beautiful women feel.

Maybe when you run your hands through her hair, it just feels incredible. Maybe the sound of her, maybe she’s got a really sexy, seductive voice and maybe she’s really great to listen to. On top of that, maybe she is really, really nice to taste, you know. When you go down on her and when you kiss her, she’s just absolutely amazing to connect with in that way. Even how she looks — don’t be afraid to look at her —  get comfortable looking at naked girls and enjoying their bodies, because the more you can get in touch with your five senses, the more you’re going to be able to tap into the pleasure centers of your brain and have a lot more enjoyment.

Worry less about dirty talk examples and focus your time on experiencing the moment with your girl. Then communicate those thoughts and feelings in a very descriptive way to her. In this article, you’ve discovered tips you can use to talk dirty to any woman. You saw how easy and exciting it can be to “talk” any woman into an orgasm. Now, you can discover the physical and psychological “tricks” you need to drive your woman over the edge, sexually.

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