Dirty Talk On The Phone

Dirty Talk On The Phone

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Are you able to get a girl wet and excited without any physical stimulation? If not, then read on and I can teach you how to dirty talk on the phone!

When was the last time you brought a woman to orgasm on the phone using only the power of your voice or your creative stringing of words? If you can’t remember or you haven’t achieved this before, I can give you the secret tips to phone sex that’ll make long-distance relationships seem the best option!

Dirty talk is a healthy part of a relationship!

If it’s been a while for you or you’ve never been able to do this, then this will be a great article to broaden your awareness of what is possible. The phone is a great place to introduce dirty talk.

When I’m starting dirty talk for the first time with a girl, I’ll usually do it via text or chat. I’m not sure 100% why, but women are far more relaxed about being dirty when they send you text messages than when they’re in person. The main thing that stops girls from expressing their full, dirty sexual nature is fear of judgment. Perhaps, when they can’t see you face to face, they feel more comfortable putting it out there. Talking dirty and phone sex takes a lot of the pressure off.

Start to talk dirty on text…

Once you get a girl comfortable dirty texting with you, it then becomes much easier to incorporate dirty talk into your own phone conversation and into the bedroom. This will add a new element of excitement for both of you. Here’s a step-by-step progression.

Step one: Shift the text talk towards sex…

By far, the best way I’ve found to do this is to misinterpret something she says and basically call her out as having a dirty mind. Alternatively, I might throw out a sexual innuendo and when she questions it or lulls it, then I can again tease her and make it as though she’s the one with the dirty mind. If all else fails, what I’ll usually do is ask her to tell me what she’s wearing at the moment. This is the best way to start to be dirty on the phone.

I ask her if she can use her imagination and make it sexy for me. This will instantly shift the conversation towards sex. Once you’ve got her moving in this direction, dirty talk becomes really, really easy.

Step two: Role play…

I’ll text her, “I just had a thought. Now that I had it, I can’t get it out of my mind.” When she text back asking what it was, I say, “Don’t ask me why, but I had thought of rubbing mangoes all over your naked body.” This is a great entry point because there’s a level of humor in this that takes away the potential for her to reject you.

When she responds back, usually it will be something like, “LOL. That would be nice.” This allows me to take things a step further. After that, “I start to circle my hands around your breast, smaller and smaller circles moving towards your nipples. You can feel me getting closer and closer, the tension in your body starting to increase.”

Again, I wait for a response. Usually it’s at this point that I know I’ve got her. When she responds positively, I just take things deeper and deeper, explaining in as much detail as possible what I want to do to her.

Step three: Make sure she’s talking dirty, too…

One thing that’s really critical at this stage is to include what she’s doing to you as well. Don’t just focus on her, focus on how she can escalate on you and how good it feels to have her do certain things to you. This will set a great precedent for when you meet up together.

I find when I do this, I get into a crazy state. I literally can’t stop texting. I’ll send a girl up to 13 text messages in a row detailing every little step of what I’m going to do her. By the end of it, she’s dripping wet. Often, she’ll text back with her free hand. I know that she’s into it because her texts are full of spelling mistakes. At the end of these text messages, it’s really important to connect your voice with a sexual state that you’ve created.

Words are powerful, but voice has a particular connection to you. What this will do is anchor those good feelings so that next time she sees you, all you have to do is open and your mouth and those powerful sexual impulses will come flooding back to her.

Step four: Introduce dirty talk in the bedroom…

The final step in the progression is to introduce dirty talk in the bedroom. Now, you can really start to push the envelope a bit, but the key is building up to it.

Go back to reminding her about how sexy it was when you spoke dirty to her via text. Tell her the things that you really loved that she does to you. Remark on how good it would feel right now to be deep inside of her or how much you want to go down on her, how much you want to taste her right now, or how you want to have your cock deep inside her throat.

You can progress these to start including dirty talk name-calling – calling her your hot little slut or your dirty little princess. One word of warning, though, you do need to make these statements from a place of complete self-acceptance. You need to get into a dirty headspace yourself.