Dirty Talk To A Woman

Whisper these words in your woman’s ear and watch her blush – from lust.

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Dirty Talk To A Woman

Show her the many sides of yourself

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Talking dirty is powerful.

As you’re starting to become more confident talking to girls, it will open up you to a lot more opportunities to practice how to talk dirty to a woman, which you’ll find she really likes. I’ve got to say that, having watched thousands of guys talk to women, interact with them, and practice to become more confident, one thing I’ve noticed is a lot of guys lack variety — and variety is one of the most powerful things you can have, when you’re trying to have sex with girls.

Mix it up.

There are times when sex is gentle, seductive, intimate, soft, and there are times when it’s rough, quick, fast, bossy, and powerful. What you want to begin to do is start showing different sides of your personality and start to have as much variety as possible. As you begin to do this, it will transfer over to the things you say. There are times when you’re going to whisper; there are time when you speak elegantly and gently.

There are times when you’re able to ease words out in a very seductive way.  Then there are times when you’re going to be rough, raw, primal, speak what’s on your mind, crass, and even offensive; having this sort of variety is what’s going to give your girl an unbelievable amount of excitement.

Keep her guessing

She’s really not going to know what to expect, when you use dirty talk with her. She’s going to be wondering what’s going to happen next.  She’s going to have a real intense feeling of uncertainty, which will drive the sexual tension to a new level. If you want to know the best method of using dirty talk with a woman, then learn how to create a feeling of intrigue and uncertainty. This is going to do is make your love life really powerful. At the opposite side of things, the most boring sex life is one that’s repetitive, where you do the same things over, over, and over, in the same places. You won’t get far, trying to talk dirty to a woman by being too vanilla. Girls love a surprise and it’s important for you to start to show your unpredictable nature by pulling stuff out that she was not expecting at all.

Be all of your selves.

One of the most important things you can do with your dirty talk, and in conversation in general, with girls is start to bring out lots of different sides to your personality. There might be times when you’re aggressive, artistic, loud and strong, and there are times when you think about being a little bit softer. Start to experiment with different types of expressions, volumes, and feelings. These will quickly integrate into your sex life almost seamlessly so that, even in one session of sex, you can use dirty talk to bring out many different sides of you — this will drive her wild as she enjoys your surprises.

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