Dirty Weekend – Mix It Up

Dirty Weekend – Mix It Up

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Sometimes, your love life with your girlfriend becomes a bit repetitive and loses some of the initial excitement that characterized it early on. One way to combat this is by planning a trip for just the two of you, somewhere secluded and far away, and have what might be called a dirty weekend together. A so called dirty weekend can be an extremely beneficial injection of passion and excitement into not only your sex life, but your relationship in general. It must, however, be done right.

The first thing to keep in mind in planning your perfect dirty weekend is location, location, location. Nothing can ruin intimate moments faster than outside noise, intrusions, etc. Pick a place where you have privacy and can spend as long as you want without being interrupted. However, this does not necessarily mean picking a primitive log cabin in the woods. The point is to forget about the outside world; you should not be in a place where you are bothered by flies, etc.

Also, having access to food delivery and the like can be nice (and the food, in general, should be luxurious; this can add a great deal to your weekend.) A final note in regard to the location: don’t be cheap. There is plenty of room in your day to day life and relationship to worry about saving money and living carefully. These attitudes should not carry over to your dirty weekend. Leave them behind, and spend a little extra. It will be worth it.

With the location taken care of, now think about the actual time you will be spending with her. A dirty weekend is called such for a reason; it presents an opportunity for the both of you to unleash a wilder side of yourselves that rarely, if ever, makes an appearance in your relationship. Be open about your desires, your requests, and any fantasies that you want to fulfill (both yours and hers.)

Try and think about things that you’ve always wanted to try with her, ask her the same regarding you (you can also be creative and think of things that might really turn her on that she hasn’t thought of herself.) If this involves props, toys, or costumes, remember to pack them with your luggage. Put some real thought, and perhaps even research into this – not simply things to try, but techniques and ways to get better at what you already do with your girlfriend in the bedroom. The goal of your dirty weekend is to put you and her in a position (pun intended) where you have the time, and are comfortable enough, to try and improve and expand the limits of your romantic life.

Along these lines, I’ll make one more point – try to look your best. Get your tan, work out the weeks leading up to it, buy that suit, do the necessary body hair trimming, etc. Make her feel like you care more than usual; it will make the weekend feel even more special to her. (A final note: if you use them regularly with her, don’t forget to bring condoms!!!)