Do Looks Matter?

Do Looks Matter?

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Looks don’t count for everything, but don’t believe the hype that goes around saying that if you are bald and ugly you can pull a model in two hours. That stuff is scammy and sends the wrong impression to many guys. Looks don’t count for everything, but some attention to appearance is necessary. Other than that, all you need is a bit of charisma.

Girls will often tell stories of a guy that she thought was really hot, but he immediately goes from hero to zero the second he opens his mouth. A decent-looking guy with charisma will smoke a good-looking guy with zilch any night of the week. A decent-looking dude going out and approaching women will sleep with heaps more women than a good-looking dude with not much of a social life. Attracting women, hence, is not completely down to looks.

Decent looks and the ability to approach and talk to women is the money spot to have success with women.

Guys who are gifted with good looks only need to walk into a room and girls think they are good looking. Guys who are not good-looking need to compensate with other things like being alpha, funny, intelligent, high value, and well-dressed to get a girl to think that he is attractive. So, it’s not always about how to look attractive – it’s about how to be attractive!

It’s not all over if you’re not tall, dark, and handsome…

If you are not a classically good-looking guy, what are some things that you can do to make you more attractive to women? There are a couple of key ways that you can instantly improve your chances with women.

Head to the gym!

First, if you are overweight or out of shape, go to the gym, adopt a good nutritional diet, and get into shape. When you look good, loose that double chin, and feel good about yourself, you’ll instantly raise your level of attractiveness by a couple of notches.

Get to a dentist!

If you have bad teeth, go to a dentist. Get cavities filled, get some caps, and get teeth whitened. A good smile can make you more attractive to girls.

Hey, you can always wear a hat!

If you are bald, that is fine. You can either compensate by wearing a hat or have some kind of facial hair that gives you a bit of an edgier look. If hair loss is a major problem, go and get some laser hair treatment or one of the new types of treatments that makes it appear that you have a natural head of hair.

Get stylish…

If you wear glasses, there are great fashionable glasses you can get that you make you look somewhat nerdish – but an attractive-looking geek! It’s all the rage these days. You also could get some laser surgery to correct your vision so you don’t have to wear glasses. This is just one more way to be attractive.

A few more points…

If you have bad skin or acne, take measures to correct it. There are laser skin procedures, ProActive, and a few other brands products that are good for killing the bacteria on your skin.

The clothes you wear can make a massive difference in how you look. Maybe it’s time to consider updating your wardrobe. You could employ a fashion consultant or get a friend that knows a little bit about clothes to assist you. Great, slim-fitting clothes can help you raise your level of attractiveness to girls instantly.

A good hairstyle, if you have hair, is important. This can make you more attractive and help with your first impression.

Guys, we are very fortunate in that we can do a couple of modifications to raise our looks and our sexual appeal to girls. Stop wondering how to be attractive and get out there and be attractive!