Do Women Like Fat Guys?

Do Women Like Fat Guys?

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Do women like fat guys? Well, they’re all different! I’m going to tell you about a couple of key things that you can implement into your life that will help you be more successful with women despite your weight.

Women are less judgmental with looks and are attracted to men who possess confidence. Being confident is more important than being ripped, slim, or muscular. If you’re a guy that is a little overweight, the good news for you is that there are a couple of key points that you could really work on that can help you become more attractive to girls despite your size and your body shape.

In the same way, it is important that you still look after yourself and still attempt to lose that weight and live a healthier lifestyle. This isn’t about fat guys and skinny guys – more about how to be attractive to women all-round!

Tip one: Dress well

Your clothes really affect the way you feel about yourself. A guy that can dress sharply is not only going to feel good but also look more presentable. If you are a larger guy, there are certain clothes that can hide your bulkier frame.

It is important to seek out some fashion advice from a friend or consultant or go to a shop and try on a few different outfits to find what style suits you for your particular body type.

Tip two: Improve your posture!

It is important to have good posture. Avoid slouching. Most women prefer men with an upright posture, so try to stand straight. A man with good posture also looks more confident and can be regarded as someone a woman can lean on.

Tip three: Think positive!

If you are a guy that can generate a positive energy and make people feel good when they are around you, then you are going to be infectious. You’ll have no problem getting girls! People will soon forget your weight or your appearance and just want to be around you because you are the kind of guy that makes them feel good.

A great way to do this is to have more of an optimistic outlook on life. I found that meditation helped me through this. It helped me contain my negative thoughts and see more positives in life.

Tip four: Become a more interesting person

Whether you prefer to educate yourself, travel more, have some interesting goals – just become interesting! These will help make you more intriguing to women and will help you stand out from the generic kind of guy that just goes to work and does not have much else going for him in life. Of course, it also helps you find a date.

Tip five: Exercise!

The last point is exercise. Invest some time into becoming a healthier person. Even if it is not a matter of losing weight, exercising and eating healthier will help you feel better about yourself. It will give you more energy and will give you a healthier glow. The more energetic and happier you feel, the more it is going to reflect in your whole personality and your ability to attract women.