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How Do You Like The New Email Magazine?

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Leave your feedback, comments and ideas for the future in the section below!


- Vin

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  1. frank /

    new page is a definite improvement – looks like a ‘real’ site! :)

  2. Vin,

    The print size of the words on you new dating newsletter are too small to easily read online.


  3. Charles Hanson /

    I like the new newsletter. It has style and it’s organized so I can better understand what you have to say. Keep up the good work!

  4. Yes! The other male date experts just have words, with no presentation…this makes it easy to read…cool! What I want the most out of it is:

    1) Convenience
    I read where men have stronger but shorter attention spans[8 minutes actually] than women, and that we are more visually receptive. Man that must be true for me! I loathe long e-mails. I promise I am going to read them, but never get around to it. As a man, I feel short and effective[visual, photogenic] is better than long and elaborate[wordy, wordy].

    I would love to hear pieces of your systems, especially Pandoaras Box. I don’t think you should try to be “All things” to all men, as much as you try to give us sneak peaks, and further insights into your concepts. Forget that snippet on fitness, show me how to land one of those “Private Dancer” chicks you tell us about!

    3) F.A.Q.
    Got to tackle some hard questions from the guys, in front of the guys, because you know most of us feel emasculated if we ask. Then throw some in you know all of us are dealing with, that none of us ask [its just how guys are man, we think it makes us less of a man].

    That’s all…I feel I can be a little rough because you are my favorite date expert, and I have said this to other date experts including that hot a#$ bombshell Marni the Wing Girl. So lets get going!!!!

  5. P.S, And I really meant that thing about Marni..I can show you the e-mail copy if you’d like

  6. Great first installment of the newsletter! Can’t wait for more man! I know you’ve taught us a lot about the different types…what I would wana read up on is the best way for breaking it off with these women.. and still maintaining a sexual relationship.. its worked using the system in some cases..just no idea how. Anyways..that’s just what was on my mind this morning before reading the newsletter…again…. Great shit

  7. Cesar Peguero /

    I like the new style! It makes it look more professional and appealing to the eye.

    Ideas for the future:
    – Reason why (and how to overcome the issue) I’m meeting women, getting multiple dates, kissing, touching but not getting laid, inspite building sexual tension and them actually saying or implying wanting to have sex.

    – Approaching.. It’s still difficult for me to approach a girl I like even though I approach and start conversations all the time

    – Sexting

  8. Trevor /

    I just wanted to say there’s one thing I’ve noticed about talking to women. If you keep practicing, keep teasing and don’t worry about what you talk about, You can learn some interesting things about her. For example, I learned one girl I’m with absolutely loves talking about nerd things, so I tease her about “talking nerdy”, instead of most girls who like “talking dirty” ;-)

  9. Andy /

    Vin, the new format is great!

    What I would like to hear about is the best beliefs to have and your ideas on installing them.


  10. Mike D /

    It was like the article was speaking to me personally and giving me support for what’s going on. The woman I have been friends with for 3 years and fell in love with has gotten back together with an old boyfriend. I know this will sound trite, but he is not the right guy for her for many reasons that I won’t go into here. My intention was to wait it out because I know it’s only a matter of time before it fails. Ironically, I was the one she would call and complain to about him. Thanks, the message in the article was just the inspiration I needed to continue to push “one more rep”. I have special plans for her birthday next month. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  11. Loved the first article, Vin you hit the nail on the head, “just one more rep”! About 8 years ago I suffered a TBI even lost the ability to speak for almost a year. But I had a trainer/ therapist who was HOT and I’ve known most of my life but never got around to bedding to make a short story long (pun intended ) having gorgeous 6’2 babe in tight shorts and a sports bra in your face saying “I’ve known you for 15 years you’ve never been a pussy yet, give me 5 more” will motivate you! I got better because she pushed me. We moved from freinds to close freinds with benefits. Now I get to say just three more orgasms your brain wont explode.

  12. Luke /

    I like that it was more than just an ad for your products (I’m already trying to learn the Pandora’s Box system). I really liked the “one more rep” piece. Though I would take issue with your guarantee that my persistence has not been too much. I think “please don’t message me again” is a pretty clear signal. (yes, I really need that much help with women)

  13. MATTHEW /

    Wow women are very hard to figure out .But good coment about one more rep i will try that starting today well see how it works.thanks Matt

  14. P Bunce /

    After reading “The Body-Builder’s Secret To Success In Life” I was left with a concern. “If I’m that persistent, she’s going to think I’m a crazed, obsessed, and possibly violent stalker!” I’d say, that if readers choose to take this route, the woman you want had better be worth winning, and she’d better be willing at some future date to be with you.

    There are probably few men as persistent as I am. I remember that with one woman that I was so persistent, she found me a job in Japan – and after I left, I never saw her or heard from her again! A year ago I reconnected with the same girl with whom I had fallen in love years ago when I was in nursery school. I’ve always imagined that one day the two of us would wind up together. Although both of us still really loved each other, we just couldn’t get our heads together. My only consolation was learning afterward that she is what Vin describes as a “Social Butterfly” – difficult to catch and even more difficult to keep.

    If you want to be a better communicator or a more effective leader, the most important skill you’ll need is better listening skills. Without those, kiss goodbye to any chance to getting the woman you want. Fortunately, there is a program called Toastmasters International ( It’s mostly for those who want to get better at giving talks in front of other people. It will also help you improve your listening skills. The cost is only $27.00 every six months – plus club dues and materials. If you want to succeed with women – or in your career – this is a good place to start.

    But women go through a lot of rotten apples! It’s possible that after she endures some ordeal with a guy who is just a stinker, she may wake up and appreciate your decent qualities. But the odds are very much against that. If you’re going to stay persistent, you’d better have a detailed plan, and you’d better get coaching.

    Good hunting!

  15. I was attending an outdoor festival in Canada one summer…I was introduced to this one woman, thought she was attractive, but moved on after a little polite talk. Some hours later I saw her alone again. This festival was clothing optional. She was topless. I walked up to her and said the first thing that came to mind…”You have the most beautiful breasts in all of Ontsrio”. I wasn’t sure how she would react, but evidently that was a good conversation starter. Eventually she married me. Now I am widowed and looking again.

  16. Recently I was made aware of just how real your techniques and training are, but by my own fatal relationship mistake.
    I have known a certain girl for the last ten months, and when she recently asked why I had never asked her out, I found the opening I needed to get her “hooked” so I invited her to my place for dinner. After a long evening of erotic massage, playful wrestling and a lot of great sex, I thought I had found the “One.”
    Unfortunatle, then came the lesson. Over the next few days she seemed distant and insecure. I looked at the signs and evaluated her personality type, and found she is the classic Connoisseur, and I had made a big mistake by bedding her the first night.
    Since then our relationship has not only ended, but she feels that I am more of a Player than any she had ever met, and even says I minipulated her into “first date sex.” My “one” became my never will be, in a matter of 24 hours.
    I have now learned my lesson, and instantly evaluate every woman as I see or meet them, as to never make the same mistake again.
    I know to many guys this case would be no big deal, but as a male actor in the Porn Industry, it is so rare to find a woman who is either OK with my job, or even enjoys me being in it, that loosing someone like this is a very big deal. That’s right, being a Porn Star has major disadvantages, when it comes to long term relationships.

  17. Excellent Blog. Great amounts of information that works and can be used immediately. Great presentation. I, get something I need now w/o cost and therefore want more of your offer. I shall follow you and be willing to pay the toll.

  18. Great look…a nice step forward….Thanks !!

  19. Adolfo /

    Thank you for your improved newsletter. I’m telling my friends about it. Continue giving and you will continue succeeding!

  20. Amrit /

    I really like your nuggets of hard earned truth.

    And yes, waiting it out, or gently pushing until the woman falls for you really works. If you really want to be with someone, you will probably do just about anything to be with her. A woman I was with for 2,5 years always told me that was the key thing that got her attention, I just wouldn’t quit, nor would I push too much. After about 5 months her heart melted…

    There is one thing I would like to add.

    To me, the most rewarding moments are when I can completely devote myself to my woman, especially sexually. With that I mean I have no hidden agenda to get anything, at all, from her sexually. When I can really give myself to her pleasure and her enjoyment, boy do that turn her on deeply and the rewards are beyond imagination… :-)

    And it seem to, for me anyway and many men I know, only work when I really just give to give and not even have a subconcious thought about getting.

    Btw, the new and improved newsletter is alot better then the old ones.

  21. Jake /


    You’re getting some style about you ;)… One more rep.

    Not an issue now, but has been in the past… The New Guy. Yes I can be insecure…. and I was very insecure at the time about this new guy who seemed to just be plain better than me (This was before I discovered Mr Vin Dicarlo and his crew).

    I’ve been dating my girl for nearly 8 months.. and am enjoying it hugely. I am the number one guy in her life to the point where she doesn’t feel the need to talk to other guys anymore :) :) :). But you asked for ideas for your new stylish newsletter, so here goes…

    I am still (only in the back of my mind) a little insecure about having to live another epiosode of The New Guy… For example Vin, you’ve been dating this girl you really like for a while now and all of a sudden Brian scores a job at your girlfriends cafe’. You know he’s good you know he’s probably got everything you’ve got in the area of meeting women and could easily get your girl addicted to him…. On top of the fact that he’s good, he’s also new and fresh… so my question is how would you deal with the new guy Vin. Or maybe better yet. How would you work around someone (like Brian) who knew all of your stuff….

    Thanks Vin (and team)


  22. Larry /

    Very good improvement on the newsletter style.

    Ideas:- How to start a physical relationship with a bar manager that is a TDR, who you only get to see twice a month, and so far is only just your friend…

  23. Paulos /

    Hey Vin, Love the Pandora’s box system & am already beginning to read women. I can really see it working as women I would never normally have the confidence to talk to are now becoming easier to approach & have conversations with. Love it, Love it, Love it. Keep it comin’. Love the new Newsletter & Blog. Keep it up.

  24. J.R.Magdos /

    Vin: I like the new format. I have a addition to your comment about how to succeed at life. It is just this. You can achieve anything or any goal. Hear is the kicker. “What are you willing to sacrifice?” You will have to sacrifce a lot to achieve what you truly desire! Just a little of lifes experiance speaking from an old man. Sincerely: J.R.Magdos (p.s. I am 65 yrs old.)

  25. Yah bro thank you for the teachings. i have really gotten something out of it. i have struggled behind a girl i hard almost being ready to give the hole of my life to. but still yet i have never gotten her no matter how much things i tell her knowing i have done the best and the must important thing i could ever say as a man looking for a girlfriend. one thing that makes me fell bad is this. ….she shows a lot of concern to me she shows a lot of love but she hard never accepted me as her boy friend. what do i have to to guys? please just help me with what i have to tell her to make her mind for ever… i hard thought of leaving and forgetting everything about her but still yet it dosn’t work in my mind that way i keep on remembering her each time and day of my life. i have even thought of making a new girlfriend to make my live a restart process but yet she dose not get out of my mind. just tell me what to tell her when i meet her again please.

  26. actually that was not only what you said but also what i learned from it

  27. Cesar /

    I have another idea for you Vin.

    I read an article the other day that explained how complicated it gets for most people starting in the “PUA community” because of the many “skills” we’re required to learn and practice at the same time.

    So maybe you could organize a series of “weekly challenges” where you give us tips or tricks and walk us through a new “skill” every week.

    For example: (this would be a good series and something I know a lot of people would be interested in)

    1st week challenge: Approach at least 1 girl every day by saying YXZ.
    2nd: Practice the “Stop Talking” Technique
    3rd: Get at least 1 phone number a day for a week *this* way
    4th: Practice X trick to get women involved in your vision
    5th: Practice some compliance
    etc. etc.

    You get the idea.

    I think something like this would be helpful for everybody. And who better to give us something to practice than DiCarlo Coaching?

    I would personally pay for something like this!

  28. Hey Vin , great stuff here !! i learned alot in past couple of months from ur newsletter wich btw looks GREAT .

    I wanna ask You or anyone who can give me a little advice , a little question . How u get a TDR back once u messed up good by beein needy and she seen u beein weak? Is it good to admit u messed up or what’s the best move .

    Thx in advance to anyone who answers me


  29. michael K /

    hey just a quick note im already a member and love the site.
    one of the seven deadly sins is sloth.
    our minds always tell us its too hard and that thinking can always sell you short on growth and strength from with in. when ever you have the thought “its too hard or i have no chance or that doesnt make sence” do it anyway. that will allow you to do “One more rep” besides we can blame Vin anyway. lol

  30. Keep it up Vin!!
    I would love to hear more advice from you..
    Your discovery is the real deal and very authentic.:)

  31. Looks very clean vin.
    I remember buying your Attracion Code.
    Wich is almost two years ago?
    Really made me a better man, and appaerantly it made you a better man also. /D

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