Do You Want Your Ex Back?

Toxic or not, you want her back, right?

Is your ex-girlfriend great for you – or toxic? These simple questions (and shocking answers) will give you the tools you need to seduce her, once again. They’ll also let you know whether you’re harming yourself in the process!

Read on for the gritty details…

Wish you hadn't ripped up that picture now, huh?

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An ex-girlfriend is probably one of the most sexiest women on earth.

There is just something about an ex-girlfriend that make them hot. You kind of know what they like sexually. Maybe she’s taking a bit of break from you and she’s got some new hairstyle or — I don’t know, there’s just something about that cross between familiarity and the fact that you don’t have it anymore. I can think of many an ex-girlfriend that I fantasied about night after night. Ex-girlfriends are enough to drive any guy totally wild. So I am going to give you a few tips to give you the best possible chance of getting your ex-girlfriends back

How does she behave?

The most important part is to know how your ex-girlfriend behaves. Now, the first thing I just want to mention and I am going to use this as a bit of a warning is that if your ex girlfriend is a psycho or has any sort of mental issues, do not bother about getting her back at all. I’ve had many an ex-girlfriends like this and they are not worth the trouble!!!

So, I’ve got to say this that there are a lot of girls out there that are fairly acidic, they’re very toxic people and I know for myself that sometimes when it’s come to fantasizing about an ex-girlfriend or wanting to get an ex-girlfriend back or thinking about an ex-girlfriend, it’s usually these more bad girls or the more toxic ones that I’ve thought about the most. But what I also knew very well back there is that these sort of women can have a very bad effect on your life.

They can have a very negative effect on just simply how good you feel about yourself, the sort of results you are getting and pretty much just your own self-esteem. Some of us as men we are sort of raised by women and we can have some kind of beliefs about women that they can do no wrong or that they’re ultimately very good people.

Is she a good influence?

A lot of women are actually bad people, they’re un-datable and to date them is just going to cripple your self-esteem, your self-worth, and how good you feel about yourself and I think it’s really important that you do whatever’s possible to disconnect from any women that makes you feel like that.

As much as you may be tempted to give her a call or see how’s she’s doing or connect with her really, resist that temptation because I know for myself one of the most critical life changing experiences for me is when I broke up with a girl who was very toxic for me.

She was just a really bad influence, she had a lot of issues and problems; and if I look at my life on a graph, while I was with her, my life graph went down; she was not a positive effect all. And I have got to say when I have a relationship, when I have a girlfriend, I judge it a lot on what sort of effect she has on my life – is my income increasing?  Am I looking better, am I fitter, am I happier or are those things going down? If I am with this girl, am I more socially isolated, do I tend to have more problems, am I attracting more crisis? So, before I tell you anything about getting your ex-girlfriends back, I really want you to analyze the situation and make sure she’s really worth it, make sure that she’s not one of these toxic women that’s going to have a real negative impact on your life.

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Your friend,

– Vin

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