Does My Ex Girlfriend Miss Me?

Does My Ex Girlfriend Miss Me?

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Break-ups can be tough to get over if you never wanted them at all. You are constantly thinking about her, about how much you miss her and want her back in your life. More than likely, you are also wondering if she is thinking about you. This leads you to ask, “Does my ex girlfriend miss me?”

There are two reasons to ask this question: one, to potentially feel better about yourself (if she is doing worse than you, that brings a bit of satisfaction.) The second reason – because you really want to know, because you care, and because you want to get her back – is much more common, and that is what I will be focusing on today.

If you find yourself wondering if your ex misses you, a natural reaction might be to try and find out by talking to her. This is not a good idea. Assuming she is the one that broke up with you (if not, you probably would not be asking this question), she has obviously had enough of you as a significant presence in her life. If you try to call or text her, this will only annoy her and remind her of why she wanted to get away from you in the first place. Remember, if you care about getting her back, the point is to make her miss you and want you back. The way to do this is certainly not to seem lonely, desperate, or pathetic.

So what should you do if you’re asking yourself, “Does my ex girlfriend miss me?” The simple answer is nothing.

Do not try to contact her at all. Avoid talking to her if you see her on a regular basis (eg, if you work with her.) If you both have a Facebook account, do not mention her on any status updates, and do not comment on anything she does. If she has your password, then do not change it; instead, keep it the same and make sure you give her no real idea of how you’re doing. If you message someone else about her, only say vague things like, “I’m doing well,” or, “I got a new job,” etc (delete any message in which you’ve mentioned missing her.)

If you do all this, she is much more likely to become frustrated by your lack of a reaction regarding the break-up, and lured back in by the mystery of not knowing how you are doing. Furthermore, your confident demeanor you have put forth in her mind while moving on from the relationship is likely to attract her.

If she misses you, she is likely to text you a lot, asking questions to keep the conversations going. She is most likely to text at night or on the weekends, when she is lonely. She might try to slyly ask if you are seeing anyone else. She might come up with questionable excuses to text you, call you, or see you.

If you notice this, you can be almost positive that she misses you. This does not necessarily mean, however, that she wants you back. You should be very, very careful before accepting her back blindly. If she does want you back, it probably will not happen gradually; rather, she will wait for a favorable environment and kiss you, or will tell you right out that she wants you back. Remember how she hurt you before. Make sure she is worth the risk that it may happen again.