Does Your Outfit Turn Her Off?

Does Your Outfit Turn Her Off?

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When choosing what to wear in front of a woman, there are a few things to make sure you take into consideration. Just simply look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Does my outfit turn her off?” Think about four different things starting from religion, to style, to cleanliness, and finally finish by what she’s told you she hates. These are four things women notice immediately on a shirt and especially before they begin talking.

Religion Religion is the biggest turn off for most women, unless they’re the crazy religious kind as well. Religion reminds them what they’re doing could be considered vile and wrong or they could simply hate that religion. It’s important to remember that you’re trying to keep her, so doing things she hates will only drive her away.

Style Her style needs to compliment your style, and if it clashes, it’s a mental turn off. This is something that’s weird about women because they see style as a way of connecting, so if your style is opposite of hers then it means that you two aren’t connecting very well. For some women, this is a make it or break it deal. To see these women coming, you should check and make sure whether or not she likes to keep her horoscope matching with yours. This small clue will reveal a lot of inside information.

Cleanliness To most men, clothing is clothing for most of our life. Then it’s time to grow up and find a woman, so we almost always start off badly. To some of us, we simply wake up in the same t-shirt we had on last night. However, look at it from her point of view. Do you want a woman that smells like she hasn’t taken a bath in a week or her kiss tastes like a slightly rotten supper? The answer is no. You’re version of clean is different than women’s. They shave their legs, pluck their eyebrows, put on a pound of makeup, and put about the same amount of hair products in their hair. Now if she went through all of that work just so that she could look good for you, just look down and ask, “Does my outfit turn her off?” You will usually have your answer if you didn’t have it before.

Hate All women have a hate that is specific to something men like. Some women hate sports, some hate anime, some hate trucks. You have to find out from her friends what she really hates if you want to push the boundaries, but generally, she doesn’t actually hate what she says she hates on t-shirts. However, if you’re hoping to turn her on then make absolutely sure you aren’t wearing anything she hates and choose something you know she likes.


So as you can see, there are a lot of aspects about your outfit that would turn her off. Women dress pretty because they want to be lusted after, and they expect their partner to want the same for them. A suggestion would be to write a list of things she doesn’t like and memorize it because it might end quicker than you can blink if you’re not careful.