She’ll Imagine Three Full Weeks of Mind Blowing Sex With You

“She’ll Imagine Three Full Weeks Of Mind Blowing Sex With You, Before You Even Get Her Number…
Read Below To Discover My Simple System
To Get Any Woman Turned On In Seconds:

Dear friend,

Do you wonder if women see you “sexually”… Or as just a friend?

Do you wonder why women simply don’t feel a “spark” of sexual attraction around you?

And would you like to rock a woman’s world in bed… To give her the sexual experience of a lifetime… to make her scream “you’re the best I’ve ever had” while she’s panting and out of breath?

Let me tell you a secret:

The “key” to good sex ISN’T physical… It’s psychological.

She can have sex with a giant, well-hung stud and walk away bored… Or wind up in bed with a scrawny, out-of-shape nerd and experience the time of her life.

It all comes down to two, simple factors:

1) How good you are at building intense, dripping, powerful sexual tension

2) And your level of Sexual Confidence

Now, on this web page, I’m going to give you my three favorite strategies for creating sexual tension so strong, you could cut the air like a hot knife through butter.

I’m also going to reveal how you can have rock-solid sexual confidence like rock stars and movie gods… Without ever needing money, fame or good-looks to do it.

Because The Secret To Turning Her On
Starts Between Her Ears:

Women love romance novels and chick flicks for the exact same reason:

They’re filled with hours and hours of sexual tension.

You know — The feeling you have when you really, REALLY want a girl… And you kinda think she likes you… But you’re not 100% sure, so you’re scared to make a move.

That’s how a woman feels in every romance novel. And that’s all she needs to be turned on by everything you do, say or even how you hold yourself.

Creating this kind of powerful sexual tension is really quite easy.

You only need two things: Anticipation & Uncertainty.

She has to be Anticipating your every touch. She has to WANT you to touch her… Almost begging to feel your skin brush hers.

I’ll show you three ways to create this feeling, in just a second, but you must realize anticipation is NOTHING… Without Uncertainty.

She needs to WANT your touch… And not know when or if she’s going to feel it.

Like romance novels, you need to keep her on the edge of her seat, until the very end.

It’s easy to see how most guys screw this up, too:


A) She KNOWS you want sex with her. So you’re just another guy who wants to get into her pants


B) She KNOWS you just want to be friends. So she doesn’t even think of you sexually… And starts using you as an — excuse the language — Emotional tampon.

Thankfully, There Are Three Easy Ways
To Combine Both Powerful Anticipation
And Heart-Pounding Uncertainty:

The First Time You Meet Her: While you’re talking to someone slightly behind her, lean into her, to get closer to your listener.

This works because you’re closing the “personal space” gap. And, she doesn’t know if you’re leaning in because you want to be closer to her… or… Simply because the person behind her can’t hear you.

To Show Her You Like Her: Lightly trace your finger down the side of her neck. Then reach up, touch her earring, and comment about how pretty or unique it is.

This touch is extremely sexual. And she’s left wondering if you were moving her hair to see her earring, or trying to get her turned on.

When It’s Time For The Kiss: (My favorite) Lean in to kiss her, hold your face close to hers for a second… Then pull back, and continue your conversation.

It’s a little classy and corny, all in one. And it works like gangbusters. Do this once, and you’ll have a much easier time kissing her, later on.

But These Techniques Do Nothing
Unless You Have The Sexual Confidence
To Back It Up

You may have never thought to yourself, “Man, I need more sexual confidence”… But I bet you know what that term means, exactly.

It’s what you feel whenever you want to approach a girl… Say something clever or witty… Touch her, kiss her, or try to get intimate with her.

It’s that little voice in the back of your head that SCREAMS: “What if she doesn’t like it? What if you’re moving too fast?”And completely ruins the moment, forever.

The harsh reality is that when you lack sexual confidence, this little voice might as well be screaming in HER ear, too.

Imagine going to bed with a girl, and she’s busy cramming for a test in her head… While you’re trying your best to turn her on! That’s what women feel, when she gets naked for a man who lacks sexual confidence.

That’s Why I Created
The Dominant Sexual Power Program

A few months ago, I received an interesting email. He asked me how I kept such loyal, sex-hungry girlfriends… Who never wondered where I was, what I was doing, or who I spent my time with.

So I got to thinking.

And the deeper I backwards engineered the things I did… The words I said… The ways I touched her and how critical the sexual tension and sexual confidence were to it…

… The more I knew the answer to his question was larger than a single email.

So I sat down and began a project I ultimately named: The Dominant Sexual Power Program.

The Things You’ll Learn Will Blow Your Mind:

You’ll discover:

  • GET A WOMAN TO SAY “YES” TO ALMOST ANYTHING (It’s so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you ever worked for women’s attention… Then laugh at the suckers trying to BUY her love!)
  • A DIRTY LITTLE TRICK makes her imagine you as her boyfriend — or lover. She’ll even start to believe it’s true! (It’s called “role playing”, and two specific types will sweep even the hottest woman right off her feet…)
  • GIVE HER THE WARM, WET, POWERFUL SEXUAL ATTRACTION she gets from men who are rich, good looking and successful… Without the looks, the success or the money (Sounds to good to be true — And explains why some of the HOTTEST women are with the biggest losers!)
  • ASK HER THE RIGHT QUESTIONS THAT TURN HER ON… Instead of turn her off (Your first date can be like a job interview… or… An exciting skin flick. It all depends on how YOU talk about sex!)
  • YOU NEVER NEED TO SAY THE ‘RIGHT’ THING AGAIN, when you use this one, tricky conversational technique (You’ll never have trouble pulling it off… And she’ll probably blush, right off the bat…)
  • HANDS DOWN THE BEST “SEX EXCUSE”! This line gets women back to your place or bedroom. (It solves the “what now?” problem… and… Makes her even more sexually attracted to you, so “closing the deal” is simple…)
  • 10 TRICKS YOU CAN TAKE FROM “WOMENS PORN”… And why Danielle Steele can be CRUCIAL to your sex life (Become your girl’s knight in shining armor… or… The bad-boy who whisks her away. I’ll show you how…)
  • WHERE YOU SHOULD STARE, TO TURN HER ON (HINT: It’s not her butt, breasts or even eyes. This extremely sexual gaze will blush her cheeks… And you can’t possibly get “caught in the act”…)
  • LIBERATE YOUR SEXUALITY! Just answer one, simple question… Every woman you meet will feel a sexual “vibe” or “aura” around you (This will turn her on faster than ANYTHING you could say or do… and… Nearly 99% of men don’t have a CLUE!)
  • 90% OF WOMEN WANT TO BE “PUSHED AROUND” in THIS specific type of way. Get it right, and she’ll love you forever… But forget it… And she’ll ditch you before your second date!
  • LIVING WITH THE PARENTS? NEED A QUICKIE IN THE CAR? I’ll show you a trick of the tongue you can use to make her IGNORE these “obstacles”… Or even tell her about them in a way that makes you look sexier…
  • USE YOUR DAYDREAMS TO PICK UP WOMEN! No “mental rehearsal” or hypnosis mumbo-jumbo, either. I’ll show you a simple way to make your lazy-day thoughts turn into easy weekend sex (Crazy how fast this works…)
  • 2 EXCITING FIRST DATES YOU CAN GO ON, TONIGHT — leave her with a night to remember (She’ll love them… Plus… They’ve got sex built right in!)
  • HOW TO GET A WOMAN TO BUY YOU A DRINK — Without ever asking for it, directly! (She’ll feel special, sexy and even more attracted to you… Instead of used or sleazy…)
  • WANT YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO LOVE COOKING BREAKFAST for you? Here’s exactly what you should do, step by step…
  • TALK TO HER FRIENDS LIKE THIS (and chat about this one topic) and you’ll win them over, instantly (She’ll love how you get along with her buds… And pick YOU over any other guy in her life…)
  • WHY YOU DON’T NEED A SINGLE PENNY IN THE BANK to be the catch of her lifetime (And exactly what you should reveal about yourself… To make it STAY that way, forever…)
  • BE HONEST: DO YOUR FRIEND’S GIRLFRIENDS ANNOY YOU? If so — I’ll show you how to “train” your girlfriend, so she’ll make those other girls look like slackers (This will get you the evil eye, for sure…)
  • 95% OF MEN MAKE THIS DEADLY MISTAKE when they talk about other people. It’ll sink a first date and break up a relationship… so…. I’ll show you how to side-step it and come out “looking good” where other guys “blew it…”
  • WARM UP THE COLDEST “CLUB BITCH” PRINCESS! She’ll become a sweet, submissive, sexual girl… When you master this one Pillar (One second she’ll be the meanest sonnuvabitch to some poor sap… But when she turns to you… She’ll put on her shy, submissive face…)
  • A SIMPLE WAY TO START A CONVERSATION that gets her thinking about you romantically, without “picking her up” (This is what guys who are NATURALLY good with women do, and women crave this type of attention…)
  • LINES YOU CAN STEAL — WORD FOR WORD – To make her become a better girlfriend. (More caring, more sexual and anything else you want her to be… Plus… She won’t feel dirty, used or weird about it…)
  • SOME WOMEN JUST AIN’T YOUR STYLE. I’ll show you why you should NEVER “next” a woman… And how to let her down softly, so you can still hookup with her friends (Yup, I’ll help you do *everything*…)
  • QUIT BEING HER “EMOTIONAL TAMPON” – Soaking up her sob stories, break ups and man troubles! Use this technique to let her know you care… But you want to be her lover, not her therapist (It takes one second, and makes her look at you with a new-found respect…)
  • IF YOU’RE “OUT OF WORK,” you’re not “out of the game.” These words make a woman’s heart melt, quickly (And she’ll not only ‘forget’ about your situation… She’ll work WITH you, to get you back on your feet. Talk about a loving, dedicated partner…)
  • HOW DONALD TRUMP CAN HELP YOUR SEX LIFE: No, it’s not the money or the hairpiece… And it’s not even his gruff attitude. Actually, it’s the HIDDEN REASON behind his success in business, life… and… With women…
  • EXACTLY WHAT MOST “PLAYERS” SCREW UP when they get sexual with women… That keeps almost 90% of women at bay (I’ll show you what not to do, what to do, and teach you why it works… So you’ll have a “leg-up” on even the smoothest operator…)

… And I’ll tell you right away, this program isn’t for the squeamish or the faint of heart, because we tackle the BIG issues about sex, your sexuality, sexual confidence and dating.

Stuff like:

  • TWO TYPES OF TOUCH, REVEALED. One turns her one with a bad-boy charm, and the other lets her know you’re her “knight in shining armor” (Use each alone to drive her wild… or… Combine them to make her sexually addicted to your touch…)
  • SCARED OF OTHER MEN STEALING YOUR WOMAN? I’ll give you a blow-by-blow system to make your girl super-sexual around YOU… And no one else (She’ll feel like even the biggest studs can’t “satisfy” her… And she’ll beg to get you between the sheets, non-stop…)
  • THE 1 CRITICAL WAY TO TOUCH A WOMAN that most men neglect… And nearly KILLS your sexual chances with women (I’ll show you how to touch her so she’s practically BEGGING for you to come home with her…)
  • KNOW ANY HOT BARTENDERS OR WAITRESSES? Of course! This simple trick helps her see you as a potential boyfriend… Instead of… Just another annoying customer (CRUCIAL if you want to date a girl who’s “on the clock”…)
  • SPIKE HER SEX DRIVE, USING JUST YOUR WORDS… and… A type of conversation used by James Bond, Indiana Jones and military training! (Sound weird? It is. But she won’t be able to get enough of it — or you…)
  • HOW TO ROCK HER WORLD IN BED, before the clothes ever come off (Even if it’s your first time. This sex-technique is so powerful, she’ll be moaning the second you touch her… So the “sex quality” is never an issue…)
  • I’LL REVEAL EXACTLY HOW WOMEN LIKE TO BE FUCKED. So you never need to “guess” what she likes, ever again (Paying attention to her in bed is the KEY to having great sex… But when you start out like THIS, she won’t care which stroke you use…)
  • SIMPLE, ONE SECOND SEX TECHNIQUES all women wish you knew (Need I say more? Stop, breathe and use this easy technique to rock any woman’s world in bed… Even if she’s more “experienced” than you…)
  • THE MOST POWERFUL TYPE OF “EYE CONTACT”… And why your eyes have nothing to do with it (You’ll stare straight into her soul, and she’ll feel an instant sexual bond with you…)
  • RELIGION’S “DIRTY SECRET” and why keeping your ‘sexual purity’ is literally ruining your chances with women (I’m not against any religion, at all… But this simple belief you pick up during your childhood is sucking your sexual power dry…)
  • 5 SEXY WAYS TO TALK DIRTY TO YOUR DATE at dinner — Without any other diners knowing the difference (You’ll feel a little goofy… Until… You see her eyes glaze over, in a sexually aroused fog…)
  • MAKE A GIRL BLUSH, WITHOUT SAYING A WORD, when you look at this part of her neck and then use this type of sexual touch (HINT: It’s extremely light, soft and sexual. You’ll love the way she looks at you, after this…)
  • HOW TO RAISE YOUR NATURAL TESTOSTERONE LEVELS without ANY chemicals or needles (This is 100% pure, safe and you don’t take ANYTHING into your body. Plus, the extra test instantly brings out your dominant, sexual side… Which is incredibly attractive to women…)
  • HELP HER QUIT HER ANNOYING HABITS, using a tip I discovered watching “The Dog Whisperer” (OK, OK, I admit it — I actually learned this technique reading advanced behavioral psychology… But he uses it, too…)
  • READY TO MEET YOUR PERFECT WOMAN? Ask this certain type of question, and she’ll not only work her ass of to be your perfect girl… She’ll feel a magnetic pull towards you, sexually…
  • USE THIS LINE TO GET HER OUT OF THE BAR — and back to your bedroom (Most girls won’t go home with you the first night for TWO reasons. I’ll show you how to handle both in seconds…)
  • THIS MISTAKE MAKES WOMEN LAUGH AT YOU, behind your back (Not *giggling*, either… Full out chuckling. I’ll show you how to side-step this pitfall, simply…)
  • …. And much, MUCH more.

Here’s What People Are Saying
About Dominant Sexual Power:
“Finally Got Her Phone Number”

Hey Vin!

Thanks for letting me try out this copy of Dominant Sexual Power. It’s been a blast! And I promised you I’d write you a review so here it goes:

I’ve always liked this one girl at work. You know, she’s funny, sexy and obviously she’s got a boyfriend. Well, I’ve wanted to go out with her for awhile but I never had the courage to get her number. She always treated me as too much of a friend, you know?

Well I started using the Sensual Languaging you talk about in the Sexual Tension pillar and her eyes got this weird look in them. Almost like she was excited but a little shocked to hear it from me, you know?

I went for her number using the first date you mentioned and I got it! Im so excited.

Anyways, one phone number might not be what you were looking for, but it’s pretty pimpin’ to me hahah.

Thanks a ton Vin, hope this helped.

- Roger H.

Ottawa, Ontario

“Kissed My Girl Friend!”


thanks for hooking me up with the dsp program. I used your sexual tension stuff on a girl im kinda friends with and we ended up hooking up.

We made out for 45 minutes inside her brother’s room while he was out doing something. It was a ton of fun and I was really scared shed turn me away but I used the compliance stuff and sexual shaping you talked about. Oh and this is my first time kissing this girl so its pretty sweet. Weve been lab partners for the entire last semester, too.

Thanks man.

- John F.

Roanoke, West Virginia

“Rocked My Girlfriend’s World In Bed”


I got your DSP program at about 9pm, so it was too late to really put it to work at the bars or whatnot. But I’ve been living with my girlfriend for the last two months, so I’m kind of in a tight spot anyways.

Well, I listened to it for awhile, and decided to try out the Sexual Tension with her. I’ve been dating this girl for over 6 months now, and the “fire”s been a little weak, if you know what I mean.

Not even an hour later, she pushes me into the wall and lays a huge kiss on me! We ended up having some of the best sex we’ve ever had, because I remembered to keep teasing her with the little pieces of dirty talk you threw in the program.

Honestly, I was kind of doubting anything you said about this program. Not that it worked, but that it could work for me. I mean hell, I’ve got a girlfriend. I’m pretty damn happy to say The Dominant Sexual Power program gave me an incredible sex life, the first night I used it.

Happy trails and thanks again!

- Zachary S.

Dallas, Texas

“Women Finally Respect Me”

Everytime I talked to a woman at a bar or a club she’d either ignore me or act uninterested in what I had to say. It was annoying as hell. I always felt like I was “lacking” something or missing a part of myself. I felt like less of a man, almost like a woman posing as a man, because women intimidated me sexually.

I’ve only listened to the Dominant Sexual Power program twice so far, but I really love it. I feel powerful when I talk to women now — and I even noticed women looking at me and treating me differently. I feel like she respects me, instead of wonders why the hell I’m even talking to her.

I feel like I’ve got my balls back. And I think the women around me notice it, as well. I walked into the club yesterday, and instead of heading straight to the bar I felt like talking to the group of girls on my left, so I did. It went great, and I was laughing with them the whole night.

Ive loved your other programs, and DSP is no exceptions. Thanks again for helping me remember what Sexual Power is supposed to feel like.

- Randy K.

Berlin, Connecticut

“I Feel Like I Finally Have Sexual Power”

Boiler Room’s got to be one of my favorite movies of all time, and one of the lines is to “fake it ’till you make it” and “act like you’ve got a nine inch cock.”

I always tried to live by that advice and pump myself up before I went out or picked up chicks. Until I listened to DSP, I thought I had to act like some super player to meet women, and I felt like if I relaxed and was myself, she’d write me off as just another dude with nothing to offer.

With Dominant Sexual Power, I feel like I’ve actually GOT a nine-inch cock. It’s nice to know women want sex and that Ive got the tools to really rock her world. I’m excited to really put it to the test, but already it’s got me feeling like a million bucks before I head out.

I’ll keep ya posted.

- Samuel W.

Memphis, Tennessse

“I Missed Her By An INCH”


Oh man! I got Dominant Sexual Power in my email today. Thanks for hooking me up by the way.

I just met this red-head I went nuts for. We got to talking and I used compliance and sexual tension and got her all the way back to my place on an instant-date, like you’ve been talking about in your emails forever. Thing is, we hooked up and I forgot to do the DEL ladder, so she put up some resistance.

But I still got her number, and Im almost positive we’re having sex next time we hang out. Thanks a TON Vin, I still can’t believe how awesome just the two pillars I got to in DSP were. Hook up and a half!

- Tony A.

Boston, Massachusetts

“No Longer Anxious Approaching Women”

Hey Vin,

Tried out your Dominant Sexual Power program like the email said and here’s my story. I tend to go out pretty regularly and do ok and tonight I went out and met a bunch of girls and got their phone numbers. I usually am crazy nervous when I approach girls but tonight I was all calm because I knew she really wanted sex and I could turn her on. Its pretty cool not feeling like a loser when you approach women because you know youll be great at sex.

- Raymond H.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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I know it’s something you don’t usually think about… But tomorrow could be different.

Tomorrow, you could take your first step towards a brand new life, full of women who are dying to hop into bed with you.

In fact, let me tell you a secret:

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