Emma Caulfield Leaked Photos

Emma Caufield is gorgeous, right?

But do her pictures have lessons hidden in them, for you? I believe these pictures may hold the secrets you need to attract women as gorgeous as Emma.

In this article, I share these secrets, with you…

Be confident in how you look -- even if your arse is missing.

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Emma versus Vin?

When I look at the Emma Caulfield leaked photos, it reminds me of the differences between men and women. Men really don’t care if you take naked photos of them. But really, whose really interested in naked photos of men? A naked photo of Vin DiCarlo would not be half as popular as the Emma Caulfield leaked photos. In fact, if naked photos of us (men) became famous, we would likely be proud of it. We would tell all our friends and post the fact on our Facebook. It would be so cool.

Women are different. In many cases, women who have had their phones hacked, have gone to the FBI to try and catch the hackers. The Emma Caulfield leaked photos triggered a huge police investigation.

  • Why is there such a big difference between how women think and feel about their bodies than men do?
  • Why are the Emma Caulfield leaked photos such a big deal?
  • Is knowing the answers to these questions advantageous to you?
  • What lessons could be learned that could help you with women?

You can learn a lot from the Emma Caulfield situation. In fact, I want to help you develop a game plan, so that you can successfully pick up women of the same caliber and quality as Emma Caulfield.

Ditch anxiety:

Anxiety will prevent you from getting the women you want. Anxiety can be caused by a number of reasons.  Find out what causes you the most anxiety and deal with it.  You need to be relaxed and confident to get high quality women.

Feel good about how you look:

Feeling good about how you look is important, because it gives you confidence. Do whatever it takes to feel good about your features, your face, your height, your body shape, your body size, and your racial background. It is important that you like the way you look. Do you think you will be the next man in the background of the Emma Caulfield photos if you are really out of shape? Of course not.

Fix the things that you can. You should work out, eat better, and think more positively. For the things that you cannot change (height, face, features), learn to love them anyways. Learn to accept what you cannot change. If you do not make improvements, you will continue to be very self-conscious and insecure. If you are upset with things about your physical appearance, then you will always struggle with women. Unless you make changes, not only will you remain insecure, but you will also be inhibited. Neither of these attributes is attractive to women. Make positive changes now.

Become stronger:

You need to have both inner and outer strength. Most guys I meet that have weak inner game are also weak on the outside. Have a good look at the Emma Caulfield leaked photos. Do you think she is going to fall for a weak guy? Maybe you have man boobs, are soft, unfit, or generally unhealthy. If so, you need to develop a strong body, which will help you develop a strong and deep inner game. Start working out. I personally like going to Crossfit, because it is intense and strengthens the body as well as the mind.

Improving your inner and outer strength will help you to take more pride in yourself. It will help you gain confidence. When you see a woman that is hot, you must feel good about yourself before you approach her. Your self confidence affects the way you talk and as well as your body language. Women are keen on non-verbal cues. Feeling good about yourself affects how women perceive you. If you want a woman like what you see in the Emma Caulfield leaked photos, then make sure you deal with your anxiety, gain inner and outer strength, and take pride in yourself.

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Will you ever date a woman as hot as Emma Caufield?

The answer is probably not… but not for the reasons you think. You see, any average man can seduce any woman he wants. He just needs some simple, psychological advantage. Your advantage could be the tips and tricks I share in my blog. Or you could take your studies one step further and discover the techniques I personally use to date Playboy Playmates – and more!

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– Vin



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