Emotionally Connect With Women To Improve Your Game!

Emotionally Connect With Women To Improve Your Game!

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If the book “How To Get With Any Woman” existed, it would start right here…

Do you want to create an emotional connection with any woman you’re with? Are you sick of pointless conversations that go nowhere and end up fizzling out into nothing? Do you want to draw any woman into your world and make her feel special, unique, and appreciated?

When it comes to interacting with women, it is very easy to simply leave your interactions at a highly flirtatious level and not establish anything deeper. While I advocate flirting with women and believe that it is key to attracting women, it is more important to draw her to you by developing a deeper connection with her.

I am going to give you some fantastic tips that are going to do just that. When you can get a woman emotionally connected to you, the likelihood of her not responding to your messages or cancelling a date will lessen because she feels a bond that is not easily broken.

Tip #1: Show her that you are a real person.

You want to distinguish yourself from some random guy that she has meet at the bar whose name she can barely remember, or some guy that she met out in the street.

You want to separate yourself from all the other guys she meets on an everyday basis by showing her that you are a unique individual. You need to be able to share with her your goals and aspirations in life. You want to share with her that you are a real person and not like every other guy out there.

By sharing your individuality with her, she will more than likely start opening up about herself. She is going to start revealing things that she would not normally reveal to any other guy simply because you have just opened the floodgates to her soul. When you are genuine in your approach, she will let her guard down and open herself up to you. Appreciate a woman and she will appreciate you.

Tip #2: Fish for commonalities.

As human beings, we are drawn to people whom we feel we have something in common with. We associate with most of our friends because we have common areas in our lives that we share. It could be the things we are interested in, the people that we are, or the drives that we have in life.

Once you can demonstrate to a woman that you have something in common, it will create a stronger bond between the two of you. She is going to see you as someone that she could potentially have a real relationship with. The more common interests you share, the more effective communication you will have. All relationships are built on the ability to communicate.

Tip #3: Be naturally curious.

When you are naturally curious, you will try to gain as much information as possible. You want to get her to expand on the things she is talking about and get deeper into her life. That is going to help take your interactions to the next level because, as humans, we like to talk about ourselves, and you are giving her the freedom to do just that.

You are also demonstrating that you actually care about her; she is not just some piece of meat that you met at a nightclub. You see her as the unique individual that she is, and women love and appreciate a guy that can do that. Sincerity is one thing that women are keen on and is a very desirable quality that they look for in guys.

If they feel like you are only out for what is beneath their clothing, then there will be an instant emotional detachment and you will get no further with them. Women live and breathe with their emotions, it is what determines the direction their lives take. If you can’t or won’t develop an emotional attachment to women, then you are destined to a life of one-night stands.

Tip #4: Explore our Pandora’s Box product.

A great aspect that helped revolutionize the dating world by giving guys the opportunity to grasp what is on a female’s mind is the Pandora’s Box system. It is a system that I created after two years of intense scientific studies, research, and practical experience. It will give you some amazing insights into a female’s mind. You will know her almost better than she will know herself.

I discovered that all females fit into eight different personality types. When you can distinguish her personality type, you will know the exact right approach to take in order to attract her. You’ll know the right words to say, the right way to flirt with her, and the right way to ask her out.

It takes all the guesswork out of what it takes to attract women because you’ll know the right approach to take each and every time. You will have an almost unfair advantage over any other guy she has ever met.

Once you develop an emotional closeness with a woman, you’ll have her eating out of your hand. If you can get her to trust you and see that you are sincere in your efforts and not looking to her for a quick lay, she’ll be more apt to go out with you.

If you can’t develop an emotional connection with women, then if it’s a relationship you’re after, you’ll never have the ability to get that far. If you can emotionally connect with women, then your game will automatically improve, and so will your relationships.