Escalation Tips

First things first… what is escalation?

Meet. Get her interest. Touch her. Get out of the Friend Zone… FAST. Read on for more info…

So you want to make her more? Flirt it up a notch.

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Escalation is simply progressing the interaction or relationship that you are building with another person to a new level.This happens in a few ways. First, we escalate by moving somewhere else. If we’re touching someone — we’re escalating. If we move the conversation from a platonic standpoint to a personal one – we’re escalating. Escalating with women is a means by which we can smoothly progress matters in a particular direction.

You need to learn how to escalate with women.

It is important to escalate because if things aren’t moving forward, then they can fizzle out. Put otherwise, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. If you don’t escalate quickly enough to a sexual framework, you will be put into the friend zone.

Move her around.

Far too many times I have seen guys interacting with a woman and everything going really well. But things begin to stagnate because after they’ve met the girl at the bar and have been talking for a good five minutes, they try to keep the conversation going, but they try to move things forward while in that same position. You are much better off moving her around the venue, and eventually getting her isolated; than trying to move the conversation all the way to a sexual frame while stuck in that one location.

Touch her.

It’s the same concept with touch. You definitely want to start touching her in a friendlier and more comfortable way, but eventually you want to lead things in a sexual direction. So it’s this combination of moving a woman and eventually isolating her, as well progressing your touching, that’s going to ferment the right sort of escalation. This is the only way to make it possible for you to have sex or build up a relationship with the woman.

Isolate her.

So for instance you meet her at the bar. Then you might isolate her from her friends a little bit; and soon enough you already move her a meter and a half away from them. Then you might suggest that you go for a dance on the dance floor, and then you might suggest going to sit down to talk and get away from the music for a bit. And of course, during all of that time you’d potentially be working up your escalation as well; so that you’re moving from more friendly touching to something that is a little bit more suggestive and sexual.

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