Ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend?

What do you do when your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend?

Can you ever get past being jealous of him? The answer is right in front of your nose – and buried for you to find, in this article:

In this article, I want to give you a cure for jealousy, because this is probably what is bothering you the most when you find out your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend. I’m doing this because I want to help you lose the very disempowering emotion of jealousy. Seeing your ex-girlfriend with a new boyfriend can be heart-wrenching!

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Jealous? Don't be. She's your ex for a reason.

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Jealousy is one of the most limiting, acidic, and just low-level thinking patterns you can ever have.

It just holds you back. It’s a real killer! If your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend, this is probably causing you severe pain. But it’s important to let that jealousy go. I can’t even explain how much jealousy can limit your results, hold you back, and restrict your future. Very few emotions have the same power to disempower as jealousy does. It just sucks up all your power into itself, and it makes it impossible for you to move on. If you let it, jealousy will essentially screw your future. The amount of options, results, and opportunities you’re going to have as a jealous person are very limited. Essentially, you’re letting jealousy eat your life. Your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend? That’s not the real problem. Your real problem is the awful emotions that you feels as a result of your jealousy, you are desperate to get back with your ex girlfriend and its not helping. This is a horrible thing to do to yourself.

Are you insecure?

Ultimately, jealousy is driven by insecurity. Jealousy comes out of anger, emotional immaturity, and pure insecurity. When your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend, it can really bring the negative emotional stuff inside you to the surface. But keep in mind that the main problem with this jealousy will come from the negative effect it will have on your life and your confidence to achieve your goals.

So, your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend? So what. Let the jealousy go. It’s impossible to feel jealous if you’re really content and secure in yourself. Jealousy is a horrible emotion, but it needs insecurity to survive. Jealousy comes down to wanting to control other people, of wanting to get all the attention for yourself, and it smacks of low self-esteem. But, you ask, how can you get over being jealous of your ex-girlfriend having a new boyfriend? If you’re a person who tends to get angry and/or jealous after a breakup, how can you prevent this from happening?

Be aware

First, build more emotional awareness about your triggers. You need to realize what sort of things cause you to feel jealous, and start to build more awareness about when they happen, so you can be ready when those jealous emotions start up. Start to question and challenge some of your base assumptions about your relationship, which in turn will challenge your emotions and give jealousy no place to grow. If your ex-girlfriend having a new boyfriend makes you doubt yourself and question how good you are, or makes you think he’s better than you, and those two things in turn make you really jealous, and feeling jealous makes you really furious….

You’ve got to realize how much all those negative thoughts and emotions are holding you back. Sure, your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend, and maybe that hurts. Build yourself back up from the hurt. Don’t let jealousy take your power and slow your own progress. Sure, you might get some short-term satisfaction out of being angry, or picking that guy to pieces, or maybe even wanting to confront him. But what you’re really doing is limiting your future by reacting to hers. And by doing that, you’re limiting how good your own life can be.

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When you’re living in jealousy, you’re not going to be able to attract very good things to your life.

What you want to be able to do instead, is to start fighting these negative emotions. Question them, and if you need to, say STOP to yourself, out loud. Simply do not allow yourself to feel jealous. If your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend, why don’t you just go out and get a new girlfriend? Put the energy you were feeding your jealousy with toward something else, something that will make you feel better and help you move on to something better. If you feel jealousy coming on, do 20 pushups. Go for a walk, do some exercise, do anything to stir up some positive energy and not give that jealousy anywhere to grow.

Slowly, by stopping yourself every time you sink into jealousy over your ex-girlfriend having a new boyfriend, you will change your thinking patterns. Eventually, you’ll never be jealous again, and that will feel great.

Once you’ve beaten your jealousy, it’s time to move on. This video includes the great, free techniques you’ll use to do just that:

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Your friend,

– Vin

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