Eye Contact: Attraction Signs and How You Can Decode Them

I bet some of you are wondering – is eye contact a sign of attraction? Did that fleeting gaze mean something? Should you approach her?

Eye Contact Attraction

So sometimes eye contact can be REALLY obvious. However, most women are a lot more subtle with their body language. But don't worry - you'll start noticing it too!

No more doubts! We’re going to spell out all there is to know about eye contact for you once and for all. You will know exactly how to react if a girl likes you and how to spot it in an instance.

It might be difficult to believe, but one of the most obvious signs of attractions a girl will give you is based around her eye contact. One of the easiest ways to find out if a girl likes you is to look at the way she looks at you.

It sounds so simple, and in fact it really is, but most of us, including me sometimes, can be hopelessly blind to this. The next time you’re with a girl, ask yourself these questions:

  • When you’re talking to her, is she looking in your eyes?
  • Are her eyes distracted, or does she maintain eye contact?
  • When you’re finished talking and there are no words going on between you, is she still holding her eye contact with you?

If its daylight and you guys are close to each other and you can see her eyes, try to pay attention to how many times she blinks. Women that are interested in guys and interested in anyone in general will blink more, and women do this completely unconsciously. They’re not even aware of it.

Are her pupils dilated? If a woman is interested, her pupils will dilate because she’s quite literally trying to see more of you.

It’s actually quite simple to pay attention to these things, and it’s quite simple to acknowledge them by simply being more aware. If you want to be able to pick up on these things more, and really notice the body language signs that women throw out there, then you need to become better at using body language yourself!

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This isn’t just about attraction and eye contact though – learning what to do if a girl like you is about flirting and escalating too. But using your eyes is an excellent starting point!

So how can you improve your body language?

Easy! Your best friend is your mirror. Try both looking and talking to yourself in the mirror. You can say anything you want. Tell a story to yourself but maintain eye contact while you’re doing it. See what it looks like to stare with your eyes, to dance with your eyes, to look around, to be distracted.

Second bit of advice: Don’t be the person who’s always looking down – because this appears like you’re not confident in your own skin, and that you’re not comfortable with yourself. Try looking up, and never let your eyes fall below the waist. (The best thing is that even if you’re not too confident about yourself, by maintaining better eye contact, you’re actually improving your self-confidence!)

Third, once you’re walking through the city, or wherever it may be where there are people, try to lock eyes onto the next person that you see who is walking towards your direction, and keep holding that eye contact. This will help you improve your self-confidence tremendously.

They say a picture says a thousand words – and it’s very true, especially when it comes to eye contact. So, get practicing!

But eye contact is not the only sign of interest you can get from women. If you’re wondering how to understand and utilize other types of body language to attract women, then we have just the eBook for you. The Attraction Code covers everything from eye contact and using touch as body language, to getting out of the Friend Zone and getting more dates.



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