Facebook For Dating

Facebook For Dating

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Facebook is a great social medium for dating. This site alone has well over 500 million users, and allows you the ability to stay in touch with friends and to meet new people easily.

I’m going to teach you how to use Facebook so that you can stay in touch with friends and meet girls daily. This will increase your chances to score more dates than you could have ever imagined.

Facebook is the perfect dating forum.

Facebook is almost better than getting a girl’s number after a night out on the town. After a night out, many times you come back empty handed. Facebook allows you to not only message girls, but you also get a chance to see what she’s about in her everyday life. You’re able to view her interests and make decisions on whether she’s worth asking out on a date. Facebook is the best FREE online dating service on the market.

It’s all in the details.

The best way to get a girl’s details when you’re on Facebook is to add her as a friend. You can always get her phone number later. Plus, if you’re out there meeting a lot of girls, Facebook allows you to keep track of the girls that you meet, and you are easily able to put a face to a name.

Ways to interact on Facebook.

When you’re on Facebook and you interact with girls, my recommendation is to keep your interactions short, sharp, flirty, and very playful. The primary intention should always be to get to them in person, but when you meet on Facebook, it’s just a great chance to build up attraction and the anticipation for her to meet you in person.

Just have fun with it. Send her a message or chat with her while you’re online. If you’ve already met in person and the interaction went well, then try to keep the momentum going by bringing in little things that you guys flirted about. If you teased her about something, then you can continue teasing her a little bit further on Facebook. It keeps the momentum from the initial interaction going.

Don’t become a Facebook stalker.

When you’re on Facebook, it’s very important that you don’t harass a girl who interests you. Once you’ve got her details, keep your interactions brief. You basically just want to meet her in person as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is to come across as a stalker and turn her away. Once she unfriends you, you’ve lost the opportunity to chat any further.

Join special interest groups.

One way to meet like-minded girls is to get involved in special interest groups. You can look for girls that are in your local area and add them, and maybe send them a message saying, “Hey, I really liked your picture and I saw that you’re into the same things I am. Can you add me so that we can chat some time?” Having something in common with a girl is always a great way to start a conversation. This way you instantly have something to talk about.

Pay special attention to your profile: it’s your marketing strategy.

The key to using Facebook to your advantage is having a really kick-ass profile. Make sure you look at your profile like it’s a representation of yourself, because it is how other people will view you. It’s the first impression you make. Ensure that there are no offensive pictures there, because it will put you in a bad light.

Ensure that your hobbies, interests, career, and activities all represent you in the right way. Your Facebook profile must demonstrate the many sides of your character and represent you positively.

Girls, like you, judge people on their Facebook profiles, and your profile should be an indication of who you really are. If you are serious about using Facebook for dating, then you must make a great impression. Spend some quality time working up your profile.

It might help if you get female opinions so that you can get feedback from a girl’s point of view. You’ll get an objective view on what she thinks about your Facebook profile. She could give you ways to improve it so that you are more attractive to girls.

Enlist one of your female friends for help, because girls are really keen on Facebook etiquette. Many guys get laid using Facebook, so make yourself look the best that you possibly can.

Facebook is a great avenue for meeting more girls than you could possibly meet in a lifetime. Spend time on your profile so that you present yourself well and you’ll find that Facebook dating is a place where you can have your cake and eat it too!