Find Romance At Work

Find Romance At Work

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Romance is almost always inevitable in the workplace. Many romances aren’t found in a bar or a club, because that’s not where you spend the majority of your time. Being confined in the same space with attractive women often causes nasty thoughts to run through your head. It’s just a fact of life that happens.

I’ve put together a couple of really great places where you can meet attractive women and also have more work place options to broaden your social skills. Your job puts you in situations where you have to interact and get comfortable with women, which will really up your game. Here are 6 great jobs that will increase your opportunity for finding romance and dating right at your fingertips.

Job #1: Retail stores.

Retail stores are usually places where you’ll typically find women between the ages of 18-23. While this may not be the greatest source of income for you, it increases your chances to interact with young hot women. You also have many opportunities to serve women coming in and out all day long, which just adds to your chances of making small talk and flirting. And the best thing is you get paid for doing this. How cool is that?

Job #2: Bars and nightclubs.

When you work in a bar or a nightclub, you’re generally working with a younger staff. There is a lot of turn over at bars and nightclubs, which increases your chances of always meeting attractive women. These types of places love to hire hot women, because it makes their establishment more enticing.

You get to work with these women and interact with them constantly. You’re also positioning yourself in a bit of a higher status. When you work for a bar or a club, women view you as someone who has higher value. Why is this? Because it’s not always easy to land a great bartending job in a really cool nightclub, and there is power equated with this position.

Working at a hip bar or club means that you know people and adds a bit of coolness to you. It also makes you more comfortable with the bar or club environment. And not only will you be working with hot women, think about the amount of attractive bodies that frequent these places!

Job #3: A restaurant.

Most restaurants employ a lot of younger staff members in order to increase the perception of their venue. Working at a restaurant gives you an instant chance to mingle with attractive women, and it also gives you the perfect opportunity to be in a cool social scene.

After the restaurant finishes, go out and mingle with your co-workers. It’s often customary to have a drink with your co-workers when your shift ends, and as we all know, one drink often turns into three or four.

Job #4: Hotels or Motels.

Hotels are generally known for their fun, vibrant, and loose atmosphere. What better place to get exposure than to be working in the atmosphere of a hotel? You get the luxury of having travelers come and go every day.

The great thing about mingling with women that are traveling is that they’re a little more carefree than they would be in their normal home. They’re in the mood to relax, chill out, and have fun experiences with guys. They usually have partying on the brain and enjoy having a wild and crazy time.

Job #5: Travel Guide.

What better way to meet women and have a blast while you see the world or visit cool places? Travel guides are generally put in leadership positions where they’re in charge of a large group of people. Travel guides are not only exposed to women in a more social environment, but they’re also the leader of the group they oversee. Being a leader gives you great social value, and women will just naturally view you as one.

 Job #6: Tanning Salon.

Tanning salons usually attract a high volume of women. In fact, most of their clientele is comprised of women. While you may not have a lot of co-workers, you’ll have regular women coming in. You can use this in building rapport with the regulars, which will only increase your constant exposure to women. All you’ll be seeing all day is hot, tan, scantily dressed women. Again, can it get any better than that?

Get out there and get a job in one of the work places I’ve mentioned. If you have to work, at least work in a place where you have the opportunity to meet and greet women to your heart’s content. Finding romance at work is easily done once you find the right type of job that increases your daily exposure to women.