First Date Dress Tips

First Date Dress Tips

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While most people believe it’s very important to be yourself on the first date, it becomes meaningless if you don’t dress well. When people give their first date dress tips they usually tell them about colors or styles, but it’s far more important to be clean and match. They also don’t take into consideration a person’s pay rate when they give their first date dress tips because they themselves have never taken into account the fact that a woman looks for tell-tale signs all over your clothing before you even begin speaking.

Here are some real first date dress tips, all things considered.

First Date Dress Tips

Be Clean

Above all else, you want to be clean for your first date. It shows that you’re not lazy and that you think she’s worth dating. The issue lies in the fact that being clean takes effort, and being clean on a woman’s standards takes everyday care with precision. Women don’t normally reveal how many steps they take to be clean, but the list is normally something that takes an entire weekend to do.


It is important to match on a first date. Women see this as a gauge of inner turmoil. While we all have our faces that we plaster on when we go to work, our clothing often gives us away. Mismatching clothes means that something is bothering you. If it’s just a sock, then it’s a nagging thought, but if half of your clothing doesn’t match, women see this as a man who doesn’t know what he wants in life.

Don’t Smell

It’s very vital that you have a specific smell. Women are predatory creatures that enjoy the smell of their men. If you don’t smell good, or it smells like you didn’t even try, then women interpret this as a lack of effort on your part. However, sometimes when you get into a relationship you might have a weird girl that likes the smell of sweat. It’s important to think of the type of women you’re pursuing.

Newish Shoes

Shoes are a sign of class. Women will judge your wallet by how new your shoes look. This means they will also decide whether it’s worth keeping you around. Most of the time, women don’t like being with a man that can’t pay for himself. While some women buy everything for the first few dates, it’s usually to lure the men in to do something.

Dress Your Class

If you can tell the difference between styles, then it’s exceedingly important to dress typically for your class. You never want to dress expensive and act middle class. Women can see straight through this facade, and they’ll take you as a scumbag who would cheat and lie if given the chance.


There’s a lot of little details about your outfit that women use to deduce whether you are right for them. After all, they are looking for a person to live the rest of their life with. While it’s unbelievable that women are so judgmental, you also have to take into account how much men judge women on appearance. If you do the job so long, you’ll notice imperfections in other people. So enjoy these first date dress tips, dress well for your first date, and have fun being yourself.