First Date: The Errors YOU NEED To Avoid

First Date: The Errors YOU NEED To Avoid

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In this article, I am going to reveal to you some blunders that guys make on the first date that inevitably ends up blowing their chances. Read on and learn about finding a woman and first date ideas!

So, you’ve met someone you really like. You are excited. You are nervous. You begin to formulate a plan. You visualize how a date is going to go in your head, how she is going to react to you, how she is going to look. You feel nervous and even a little excited. The last thing you want to really do is stuff this awesome first date up.

Guys tend to really make several mistakes on their first date and totally ruin their chance of ever seeing that girl again. You don’t want to make those mistakes, and you need to avoid them as much as possible and make the best first impression you can make on a date.

I am going to talk about those blunders and show you that by just being aware of them, you’ll avoid them and make your first date a winner!

The number one errors guys make…

The number one blunder guys make on a first date is talking only about themselves. Ensure that when you are talking, you are not totally dominating the conversation and you are letting her have her say. You need to show her that you are interested in her!

The next blunder is revealing too much…

Remember, the first date is not the time to start revealing embarrassing secrets or a complicated past. Tell her about yourself, but not too much – and especially avoid things that may have her reaching for her pepper spray!

The next dating blunder is not listening to her at all…

Can you imagine a time when you are talking to someone and they were clearly not listening to you?

I know, it’s really frustrating, and I almost just lose the effort and motivation to talk to them again. So, ensure that when she is talking that you are fully engaged into what she is trying to say and that you are listening to her. Do this by nodding your head, agreeing with her, having an opinion, or even asking her questions to elaborate on certain things that she has mentioned.

Don’t try to look cool…

Trying to be overly cool to a girl will ensure one thing – that you aren’t. It’s the same with being aloof, guys seem to do this more than women, but women can play it too. Pretending not to care will send the message to the other person that you just don’t care. This doesn’t work when getting a date or when on a date.

You might say, “But that’s like playing hard to get, what if that makes her chase me?” Question, when has that ever worked for you? There is no need for games. Show focused interest in the people you like or take up another hobby. You are wasting everybody’s time.

Remember to go places where you can talk…

The whole purpose of the first date is building a connection with a girl and seeing if you guys bond well. It’s kind of pointless if you can’t actually hear her or she can’t hear you!

The next first date blunder is not being yourself…

This is similar to being cool or a bore. Being yourself is your only long term strategy. Let’s say you don’t take this advice, how long can you keep up the act? I guarantee it won’t be very long.

One last dating blunder is not listening to your gut…

You know that little voice in your head that says, “Oh! She is bad news,” or, “This is never going to work.” That’s telling you something. That’s telling you that your primal senses are warning you off this particular girl, and they are doing it for a reason.

Sometimes, we try to apply logic to our gut feel and talk our gut out of it, or try to ignore the gut all together. You’ll notice when you do that, more often than not, things will always end badly. Your gut is always right. So, give it the credit it deserves and go with it as much as possible.