First Dates – Advice To Boost Your Success

First Dates – Advice To Boost Your Success

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When I look back on my dating experience, I see one main reason that caused me to lose really beautiful girls on first dates. It’s simply…

Not showing enough interest in a girl!

It might sound crazy, but in our modern world, odds are you’ve been taught that showing the true amount of attraction you feel towards a girl is the wrong thing to do. Maybe you think it’s not gentlemen-like, or that it’s frowned upon. A lot of that really has to do with our upbringing; be nice to a girl and treat her like a lady. If you came from a religious or traditionalist family, you might have also picked up such notions.

A lot of that stuff has almost been drilled into us. And while we have probably tried to change, it’s still something that prevents us from really displaying our true desire for a girl. Guys, on a first date you still need to be a gentleman and you still need to be respectful. But, at the same time, you need to show her that you’re definitely interested in her.

First dates are supposed to be your opportunity to demonstrate your desire for her.

If she doesn’t know that you’re interested in her, or she gets the feeling that she’s not turning you on in any kind of way, then she’s going to lose interest in you. She’s going to think that things probably won’t work out between you because you really don’t find her attractive, and she will run to another guy who isn’t afraid to show his sexual desires for her.

This is not something that you want. If you’ve asked her out, odds are you like this girl. So, don’t let that opportunity pass you by!

I want you to think of all the advice you’ve ever been given on dating… Remember it all. How you’re supposed to act on first dates, where you’re supposed to take her out. How a “true” gentleman pays for his date, and how making a move too early is wrong.

Remember it all? Maybe you’ve heard it from family, friends, or the TV. But here’s what I want you to do.

Forget it all!

It’s really important that you let go of all the vices that you might have been conditioned to believe. Own your intent for the girl and express your attraction towards her.

She’ll be extremely grateful to know what you’re thinking. Don’t be scared, and don’t hold back. If you really like her and if she’s really attracting you, then demonstrate that to her. Don’t expect her to make a move, because she probably won’t – that’s your job.

So, how can you show your interest in a girl?

#1 – The Compliment.

While there are many ways you can demonstrate your sexual desire and appreciation for her as a woman, none are easier than the compliment. Let her know how beautiful she is. If she’s got really bright, blue eyes, tell her. If she has a really friendly energy that draws you in, let her know. She can’t read your mind. You need to be able to communicate what you feel inside to her.

Tell the girl how you feel. For example, if she’s wearing a short dress and her legs are showing, tell her that dress is making you feel like doing really bad things to her. You really think she put that dress on for no reason? She probably chose it to turn you on. Show her it worked!

#2 – Eye Contact.

Another good way to show your interest in girls on first dates is by giving her the sexual eyes. By this, I mean gazing into her eyes and really keeping focused. Even when she has finished talking, hold that gaze. It really increases the sexual tension and lets her know what you’re feeling inside.

Try not to stare too much, though, as that might just creep her out, but the worst thing you can do is to look away and avert your gaze – that betrays a low self-confidence.

#3 – Touch her.

Constantly look for ways you can touch her. Whether it’s asking her to dance, leading her to a different place, sitting beside her and letting your leg touch hers, or allowing your shoulders to touch each other. Use absolutely any excuse you can to touch her. Touching separates sexual partners from mere conversational friends. You want to be the former, right? Because let’s face it, being in the friend zone sucks.

#4 – Do everything you can to escalate towards a kiss.

This is really critical. When you part ways at the end of a date, go in for the kiss. Be unapologetic. If you really like her enough, have the balls to go in and kiss her. What’s the worst that can happen?

If she says no or rejects it, it’s better to have tried and know that there’s nothing there, than to wonder about what-ifs. Given the amount of times I’ve taken it easy with girls and basically played it safe and ended up losing them, I can tell you it’s much worse than getting rejected for actually trying to escalate on them.

So, to sum up – be forward in your desires. Tell her how she makes you feel. Touch her, and escalate towards a kiss right on the first date.

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