Fix Depression About Loneliness

Fix Depression About Loneliness

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A lot of us have those moments or that day when we feel absolutely lonely, but how do we fix depression caused by loneliness? Actually, loneliness is caused by the lack of a peaceful mind and not by having no one around us. We as a species were built as stand-alone creatures that figured out we were better in packs. It’s not actually in our DNA that we have to travel and live together like this.

So in order to fix depression caused by loneliness we have to find ways to level out the imbalance in our brains. This imbalance can be caused by the free radicals harming our body, and loneliness is a way of telling the brain to fix it. It could also be over stressing or a lack of testosterone/estrogen in our bodies. Over stressing can actually cause the lack of testosterone/estrogen in our bodies, a vicious cycle, so here are some ways to cure depression caused by loneliness without inviting company over.

Vitamin C

In order to fix depression about loneliness coming from digest problems we have to increase our natural intake of Vitamin C. We’re pretty sure no one has ever told you why vitamin pills usually suggest eating a meal with them, right? Well, the amount of vitamin c that a vitamin has is not normal, and the body knows this. To fix depression about loneliness you need to take vitamins directly, and specifically Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is the only vitamin in our body that we do not retain and can only get from the foods we eat. It’s vital to maintaining a stronger metabolism because it burns fats and protects you from free radicals. Free radicals are damaging cells that are sent to various places around the body, and since the body can’t defend the entire body at once it tells the brain it’s in pain. This reflects as a subconscious thought and causes you to feel depressed.


Cardio is the best way to increase your hormone levels because it tells the brain it needs more endorphins to perform activities. While it may be strange to you, the brain has to request levels of testosterone, which means you get the same amount everyday provided nothing changes substantially. However, in order to fix  a lack of testosterone cause by loneliness, cardio is the cheapest and quickest way to make your brain request more.

Without testosterone, the body’s brain wavelengths can be set off course drastically. This would mean a person who is usually very happy would be depressed or angry without testosterone. There are, of course, pills to fix this, but what isn’t fixed naturally will eventually come back. Just because you removed the problem with the pill doesn’t mean it will stay gone.


Meditation is the best way to gently restore your frame of mind and fix depression about loneliness. Meditation is a conscious way to reform your way of thinking and relieves a ton of stress. It really doesn’t matter how you sit to fix depression about loneliness, but what you are thinking while you have your eyes closed is important. Don’t get caught up on abrasive thoughts, but let them drift in and out of your mind undisturbed.

Masters of meditation have the ability to meditate while doing every day activities. This technique allows the brain to focus on what you need to rather than what’s superficial. You should be aware that you have problems, but that everything will pass in time. Many therapists suggest meditation even when they’re off-duty because meditation truly works.


There are many techniques that will improve and fix depression about loneliness, but women do something specific. Women release a hormone when they come in contact with a man’s body. Simply hugging a friend that is a girl will reduce your depression because this hormone makes you feel loved. Relationships survive based on this hormone, but you need to be happy on your own because women do not like depressed men. It’s a vicious circle to try to fix depression about loneliness, but you’ll get through it if you stay focused.

Don’t let depression beat you!

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