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I want to give you the cheater’s list to flirting. You could call it the idiot’s guide to flirting with the absolute basics on how to flirt with a woman and what to do.

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Love yourself

The first tip on flirting I’ve got for you is to love your appearance. To know how to flirt you must first love you body and love the way you look. If you were to study those people who can walk in a room and get everyone to look at them, who have lots of personal magnetism and just seem to radiate confidence, positivity, and are super flirters, you will find that they are very comfortable with the way they look.

They may accept that they’re not perfect physically, but they’ll tend to like how they look. Liking how you look and flirting go hand-in-hand. Those people like their bodies, their features, and if they can improve them they make an effort to. If they can’t change it, they simply accept it. You’ll find the opposite is true for people who are bad at flirting. They are insecure about how they look and they won’t be full of confidence with their general appearance.

Stand tall

The second thing is just to have an element of confidence. Confidence is nearly the same as flirting. It’s very hard to be a good flirt, if you’re not confident. Imagine walking into a café, looking at the ground, hunching over, and then trying to flirt with a girl—it doesn’t really work. You’ve got to stand with your head up high.You’ve got to hold strong eye contact, speak loudly and you’ve got to believe in yourself. Allow yourself to shine. Confidence and flirting go hand-in-hand. You can really have one without the other.

Look in her eyes

The next is to be comfortable with holding longer eye contact. This will help you connect better with girls and make you stand out from the regular guys.

***Remember: Please share one of your dating frustrations in the comments below. I’d like to help you and will try to answer your comment personally.

And lastly, you need to be comfortable getting close to girls.

Flirting is really about being comfortable with sex and showing interest in women. This means touching them and standing or sitting next to them. Flirting is all about taking things to a more physical and more intimate level.

You don’t just flirt for the sport. You’re flirting because you want to see if she’s going to flirt back, and if she does, you want to move that to a date. If you’re on a date, maybe you’re going to have sex with her, but you’ve got to be comfortable with getting close to girls and being physically intimate with them.

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