Flirting And Texting Messages That Win Any Girl

Flirting And Texting Messages That Win Any Girl

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Everyone has cell phones, and all girls seem to have the ability to text faster than the speed of light, but how can you send the flirting and texting message that is guaranteed to win any girl? It can be daunting task to know exactly what to text a girl that you like that will gain the response you are seeking.

Around five years ago I made it my personal vendetta to become the most experienced dating coach in the world on text messages. I have literally studied tens of thousands of text messages and experimented with varieties of unique strategies that transformed my text game forever.

Now, I’m going to give you five tips that you should never do when texting girls. You’d be surprised at just how common these fatal mistakes are to the average guy.

Tip #1: Never explain who you are.

When you are texting a girl for the first time, don’t worry if she doesn’t remember who you are right off the bat. One of the quickest ways to convey to any girl that you’re someone who doesn’t date a lot is to send a text message that resembles this: “Hi Stacy, it’s Bob here. I’m not sure if you remember me, but we met last Saturday night at Club Excitement.”

If you’re questioning whether a girl remembers you, what you’re essentially telling her is that you’re not that memorable.

There’s nothing wrong with sending a message to a girl and having her respond, “Who is this?” In fact, in my No Flakes System I show you how to go from this exact scenario directly into a playful sequence of text.

An even better approach is to make sure that she saves your number after you make that initial call. The best way to make this happen is that once you get her number, call her and ask her to come up with a one-word description of you that she can store in her phone. Subtle and under the radar. She won’t even be aware of what you’re doing.

Tip #2: Never push for logistics in your first text message.

The second type of text that you can send that conveys to a girl that you’re a guy that is inexperienced is when you push for a date in your very first text message. Guys, if you’re doing this, you’ve got to slow down and not be so eager to jump the gun. Take the time to build up momentum.

Start off with some short, playful, and fun text messages. After you’ve had her respond and you’ve got a good texting conversation going, it’s then and only then that you can start thinking about logistics. Only after you have a conversation going is the correct time for you to use my special formula for arranging a date.

Tip #3: Never send her a text asking why she hasn’t texted back.

One of the biggest challenges of text messing is that you never really know if she’s seen your text or not. This can create some anxious moments when you send a text and wait for her to respond.

It’s critical that you don’t base your life around your text messages. What this means is that if she doesn’t text back immediately you need to have ways of keeping yourself busy. Texting should be something you’re doing on the side while you’re going about the daily activities of your life.

If she doesn’t respond, that’s fine. Chill out and fight the temptation to text back straight away and start quizzing her on what’s up. You don’t want to appear desperate, which you will if you can’t learn to contain yourself.

I’ve waited up to two weeks and had a girl text me back and say that she had lost her phone. If I had shot through a stupid message in those two weeks, I would have essentially ruined any opportunity to take things further with that particular girl.

Tip #4: Never over invest.

When we text girls, there’s always a subtext that takes place beneath the actual texting. What I’m referring to is an underlying meaning that goes on behind the text messages. The more a girl invests in her text messages, the more interested she is in you. She can invest in a variety of ways.

The length of her text implies investment, as does the types of information that she includes in the text. If she’s giving you information that she’s not required to give, this is a great sign that she is into you.

What you want to refrain from doing is over investing. Investment on your part is not a bad thing, but it is if she is not also investing.

For example, if you take ten minutes to write a sixty-word text and she responds with two words, this would be an example of over-investing. If you continue to follow this pattern of over investing, eventually it will get to a point where she just doesn’t text back.

Tip #5: Never be too generic.

This is one of the most common mistakes men make. I’ve left it for last because it essentially ties in with the other four steps and with the mistakes guys often make when texting. Being generic in text messages will kill you. It will make you boring. It won’t give her any motivation to text back.

You need to separate yourself from the pack, and that’s where No Flakes comes in. Now that you’ve got an idea of what not to do, I’m sure you’re going to want to get an idea of exactly what to do, including word for word templates that you can text a girl that will guarantee a positive response. So jump from this article and check out my product No Flakes.

When flirting and texting messages to girls, you want to stand way above all the other guys. And believe me, you aren’t the only one who is texting her. Girls and phones go hand in hand. Think before you react, and react wisely, and you’ll win any girl by the text that you send.